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Standard Piston Compressors
Oil-free and Oil-lubricated

CompAir has been producing piston compressors for over 100 years and our expertise in this field is unsurpassed. We offer a wide range of lubricated and oil-free machines from the smallest requirement such as garages and tool shops all the way up to custom built installations for offshore applications.

The configuration of a piston compressor can be a single cylinder for low pressure/low volume to a multi-stage configuration cable of compressing to very high pressure (see the High Pressure Piston compressors section for more information on these).

To learn about the compressors in this section please select from the following:

Medium/ Large Piston

  • R Series (4 to 12 Bar g, 7.5 to 18.7 m3/min, 45 to 110 kW)
  • V Compact & V Major (1.5 to 20.5 Bar g, 15.1 to 69.9 m3/min, 90 to 315 kW)