CompAir launches new CD refrigerant dryer series

CompAir, the leading compressed air brand, has launched its latest refrigerant dryer range, helping ensure compressed air systems remain reliable and energy efficient throughout their working life.

Fulfilling a vital role in a compressed air system, a refrigerant dryer cools the compressed air to allow water vapour to condense and then be separated. Clean and dry compressed air helps make sure a system is never compromised.

New CD series compressed air dryers and filters
CD compressed air dryers and filters

Furthermore, with many modern production systems and processes demanding high quality compressed air, in accordance with the air quality classes defined in ISO8573-1:2010, refrigerant dryers have a critical role to play in achieving this. This is true for all manufacturers, where production uptime is critical for profitable and trouble-free operations. Companies will often need to adhere to strict compressed air guidelines and legislation, and therefore cannot afford to deal with corrosion and its impact on efficiency levels in air distribution systems, as well as the potential contamination of goods on production lines.

To meet this need, CompAir has launched its new CD refrigerant dryer range. Offering air flow rates of to 191.67 m3/min, the range has been designed to ensure consistent dew points at all times, no matter the load level.

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