New CompAir FourCore range balances two-stage efficiency with single-stage footprint

compressori d'aria a vite lubrificati da 55-75 kW

CompAir's new 250kW large screw compressor

CompAir has announced the launch of its new 160, 200 and 250 kW FourCore compressor range, combining best-in-class compressed air efficiency with a small footprint and sustainable design for eco-conscious businesses

The FourCore range offers all the capabilities of a two-stage compressor, but with only the footprint of a single-stage unit. It therefore provides businesses – who might not have previously had the on-site space available – the opportunity to take advantage of the capabilities of two-stage technology. And when compared with previous single-stage compressors in this size range from CompAir, the new models are up to 8 per cent more efficient, offering a best-in-class oil-lubricated solution for decision makers.

At the heart of these latest models is CompAir’s new GD10-DS airend, which is where the range takes its ‘FourCore’ name from. This compact, two-stage airend uses four gears rather than three, to deliver flexible rotor speed adjustment at both low and high pressures, as well as the best possible performance at different discharge pressures and shaft speeds. The new GD10-DS airend is semi-integrated, with the oil filter, check and temperature valves, and distribution system all integrated into the airend’s package. This results in less connections and pipework, minimising the likelihood of leaks and enabling easier servicing.

With the airends designed and manufactured at CompAir’s Centre of Excellence in Simmern, Germany, owners and operators can have every confidence that the airends meet the highest quality standards which the brand is known for.

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