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COVID-19 update from CompAir

Ingersoll Rand's products are vital in the global effort to combat the virus & we are working around the clock to make sure that essential production can continue. Factories & processes all over the world rely on our products to keep critical infrastructure up & running.

Some of our products support many industries that are on the front lines to stop the spread and impacts of the Coronavirus. Our products are supporting pharmaceutical and laboratory operations, the food and beverage industry, transportation and logistics, chemical, oil and gas industries, power stations and many more. Our products are critical to the efficient operations of these facilities & we stand ready to service & support our customers during this critical time.

Compressors for medical applications

One vital application is delivering Oxygen to the hospitals – our compressors can be used with purpose built medical gas units to achieve the required breathing air quality as laid down for international breathing standards, to provide 24/7 oxygen for field hospitals, in addition high pressure breathing air machines are used to support in-room air storage cylinders for doctors in Hazmat suits, which will be worn when testing for Coronavirus. Compressors are also used to manufacture medical gas equipment which operates ventilators, these are just a few examples of how important it is that our facilities remain operational.

Screw compressors (oil free) are predominantly used in the food & beverage industries for a range of applications like food packaging. We have available stocks of small scroll air compressors which are oil-free & tailored for medical & pharmaceutical applications to help scale up your production processes where needed.

Compressed air has a variety of uses including fermentation in antibiotic production, aeration for oxidation processes, tablet production and packaging and bottling of medications - surgical instruments and tools operate with compressed air.

Our range of R series oil free reciprocating compressors are used in factories around the world where higher air volumes are required to keep production running smoothly. Please contact us here if you need an immediate supply of oil-free compressed air.

This is a challenging time for you, our colleagues, our industry and economy. We will do our utmost to ensure that we maintain our customers’ uptime to ensure that we all get through these unprecedented times, our factories remain open & we stand ready to help customers and communities who are leaning on us to manufacture and service products being used on the front lines to stop the spread and impact of COVID-19.