AGA Rangemaster puts reliability on the menu with genuine compressor spares

Ask any responsible operator what steps can be taken to improve compressor performance and you’d expect a number of answers; maybe to invest in the latest, high-efficiency compressor technology; perhaps to install a new controller or purchase more effective downstream equipment; or to undertake a comprehensive air audit.

While all of these are excellent ways to improve production efficiencies, forward-thinking manufacturers, such as AGA Rangemaster, the market leader in range cookers, are considering a further option; investing in genuine manufacturers’ spare parts over non-genuine or third party spares.

Here’s how AGA Rangemaster has ensured the longevity and high-performance of its CompAir compressors at its production facility in Leamington Spa for more than thirty years, through regular servicing and the use of genuine components.


To ensure maximum productivity, AGA Rangemaster needs to ensure a dependable, quality source of compressed air is always available. With production running five days a week, its compressed air network must operate at peak performance at all times.

Its original CompAir piston machines had been serviced regularly with genuine spare parts providing reliable performance for over 20 years. Around 10 years ago, AGA Rangemaster decided to invest in variable-speed compressor technology to help improve energy efficiency.

The company chose a new package from CompAir comprising two L132 machines, an L75 variable-speed unit together with dryers, filters and an air/water separator. This station has now been operating for over ten years, thanks to programme of planned preventative maintenance backed by the provision of genuine spare parts.

Vic Merulla, maintenance manager from AGA Rangemaster explains the company’s reason for choosing CompAir spare parts:

“Typically, non-genuine compressor spares and lubricants are cheaper to source than the manufacturer’s original parts. Clearly, all service and maintenance costs need to be factored in to our cost of ownership equations very carefully and, when finances are under pressure, it would be easy to choose cheaper alternatives.

“However, by talking to the service and engineering team at CompAir, we soon learnt that fitting the wrong spare part can, in some cases, cause real damage to the compressor, ultimately meaning the machine can fail completely. This won’t just result in an expensive repair bill, but will affect our productivity too; so profitability would really suffer.

“As a result, we have always used CompAir genuine parts, fitted by a CompAir-trained service engineer to ensure that our compressors deliver the predictable performance we need.”

Colin Mander, regional sales director at CompAir continues:

“Modern compressors are carefully engineered to ensure that all components can contribute to high-energy performance and reliability. So it is clearly counter productive to replace such components with non-genuine spares, as it will reduce the cost savings achievable.

“In contrast, genuine parts have been manufactured to meet the same standards as the compressor they are intended for. This means that they have passed the same stringent manufacturers’ testing regimes, in a quality-controlled environment, to offer the repeatable, dependable operation that plant manager’s need to keep production costs down.”

CompAir offers an extensive range of genuine spare parts and lubricants, designed to deliver maximum energy performance and reliability, backed by round-the clock maintenance and support from a network of service engineers.