CompAir upgrades DH range of oil-free compressors with Class 0 and silicone free certification and new high-performance models

Unlike conventional oil-free compressor technologies, the DH range of water-injected screw compressors from CompAir does not contain a single drop of oil, providing complete air purity, which is key for applications that must meet the most stringent quality standards. The range has been certified ISO8573-1 CLASS 0 (2010) and SILICONE FREE as standard, making it the ideal solution for operators in the automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical and food & beverage industries.

This level of air purity is achieved through CompAir’s advanced, oil-free design, where high-quality water injection lubricates, cools and seals the compression process, providing low operating temperatures of just 60ºC resulting in high efficiency and low component wear.

New machines - enhanced performance

As well as delivering the highest-quality air standards, the 15kW, 22kW and 37kW compressors in the DH range have also been replaced with new, high-performance fixed and regulated speed models. The new models are equipped with a sophisticated touch-screen controller and consume less power, for improved cost of ownership.

The units also offer a lower noise level of 68 dB(A) for the air-cooled models, providing simple installation close to the point of use.

Reduced maintenance and associated costs

When compared to conventional compressors, which can incorporate numerous components such as seals and bearings, CompAir’s DH models are constructed with fewer parts, resulting in a simpler construction that minimises maintenance time and costs. Coupled with having no oil or oil-laden parts to dispose of appropriately and responsibly, this can significantly reduce lifecycle costs.

Regulated speed models in the range feature modern inverter technology to ensure that the units match compressor flow to plant demand with great efficiency, helping to avoid offload running. Using regulated speed technology can easily provide a saving of 25% on annual energy costs, compared to a typical fixed speed compressor.

CompAir’s extended warranty and service programme, Assure, is available with every compressor in the DH range. Providing up to 44,000 hours or 6 years of cover using CompAir’s authorised service providers, Assure is one of the most generous warranties in the industry, helping to reduce downtime and guarantee peace of mind.