CompAir showcases new ‘Mobile 5’ warranty and EU Stage V-compliant portable compressors at Bauma 2019

CompAir will be exhibiting the latest C Series Portable Compressor range at BAUMA 2019, as well as promoting their new ‘Mobile 5’ warranty scheme.

Taking place 8 – 14 April in Munich, CompAir will be in the outside arena FS.1013/2A, demonstrating how it’s one step ahead of the competition with its latest products and service offerings. The new for 2019 ‘Mobile 5’ warranty demonstrates the confidence the company has in its products, which sees the exciting prospect of all eligible models complying to the new EU Stage V Emissions compliance directive for non-road engines.


CompAir showcases new ‘Mobile 5’ warranty  CompAir Turboscrew C230TS-17 compressor

‘Mobile 5’ is designed to offer the customer confidence in their investment. At the heart of all C Series products is the CompAir Rotary Screw Airend which is now covered under the warranty scheme for up to five years or 10,000 operating hours. CompAir’s confidence resides in the knowledge that all eligible Compressor Airends are all designed, tested and manufactured at the company’s Centre of Excellence in Simmern, Germany, for consistently high levels of performance. Thus the quality of CompAir’s C Series Portable range has been well-established throughout the construction industry for many decades. CompAir’s contribution to the Drilling and Mining industry dates back to the 19th Century with the Holman brand.

CompAir are proud to be at the forefront of limiting the impact on the Environment with all Compressors they produce. Ever tighter restrictions for non-road engine use result in strict limits on emissions of diesel particulate matter.

The progressive rental companies within the Industry are seeking efficient and environmentally-friendly capital equipment that exceeds these standards. CompAir’s latest products in the form of the unique TurboScrew and the successful C50 unit offer these customers the ideal solution to contribute to a cleaner Construction Industry.

The industry leading TurboScrew compressor provides unrivalled efficiency and reliability to precision construction projects all over the world. Its low overall weight that is up to 2,000kg lighter than comparable compressors, combined with an extremely compact footprint make site accessibility issues a thing of the past. A critical element to any drilling, mining or construction project has to focus on the operational impact of capital equipment on the overall cost of the project. Minimising this cost for customers the TurboScrew can offer up to 30% less diesel consumption representing up to 20% of total lifecycle costs due to the patented Twin-Turbo compression system. The engine delivers approximately 14% more energy to the compressor than conventional technologies extended the re-fuelling times giving all those involved a much valued sense of efficiency.

Turboscrew Efficiency Chart

With Compressed Air Flow rates from 20m³/min up to 27m³/min and Operating Pressures from 6 bar up to 24 bar, CompAir offers a portable compressor to match individual requirements within this product range.

CompAir will also be exhibiting its’ best-selling C50 portable unit fitted for the show with an optional Generator, Aftercooler and Re-heater. The unit is driven by a water-cooled Yanmar four-cylinder engine, and the compressor is ideal for use in cities and built-up areas, where noise restrictions might apply. While compact and lightweight, the C50 is robust, capable of withstanding even the most demanding environments and the harshest elements. To pass Stage V Emissions targets the integrated Diesel Particulate Filter and Exhaust System developed by CompAir deliver exceptional performance in the 3.5m³/min up to 5.0m³/min category offering a Pressure Range from 7 bar up to 10 bar.

CompAir will also be exhibiting other models from its leading C Series range at BAUMA 2019, as well as Construction Tools, new Aftermarket Products and the launch of the MOBILE 5
Warranty programme.

Simon Taylor, Product Manager at Gardner Denver, explains: “We believe in the quality of our products and have confidence in the Engineering Excellence from our German Design & Manufacturing team. This confidence is one of the main reasons we feel able to offer customers greater peace of mind with the ‘Mobile 5’ extended warranty.

In an age where reliability and efficiency are key thoughts in the minds of all involved who deliver infrastructure projects within the construction industry, the Mobile 5 warranty adds to product offering and we are convinced of its future success. While the Industry sector’s needs continue to change in many respects, our C Series compressor technology is always evolving. We are committed to keeping customers workforce moving, and our latest solutions and services will showcase this commitment at BAUMA 2019.”