CompAir’s new L23-L29 compressors meet the demand for optimum performance

CompAir has launched a brand new range of fixed and regulated-speed rotary screw compressors to complete and enhance its offering between 22kW and 30kW. Developed in direct response to market requirements, the new L23-L29 compressors introduce a number of new compressor sizes to the CompAir range. This means that customers can now select the optimum compressor size for their application, improving installation efficiency and thereby reducing energy consumption and cost of ownership.

Comments Gerd Moosman, Oil Lubricated Screw product manager, “Optimising compressor size is of prime importance for today’s energy-conscious manufacturers. Since 2005, average European electricity costs have risen by more than 60%, so our customers are constantly looking for new ways to reduce their energy consumption.* They are well aware that running a compressor that is oversized for the application will lead to higher energy bills.

“By listening to the market, we found that there was a real need to develop a new range of units between 22 and 30 kW to help meet demand in this area. At the same time, customers wanted the performance, efficiency and low ownership costs that they have come to rely on from our proven L series, oil-injected technology, with a choice of units from as little as 2.2 kW to 250 kW.

“In addition, the compressors have been designed with a small, compact footprint, enabling easier installation in to existing applications.”

Best performance - reduced cost

With as much as 80% of a compressor’s cost of ownership being the electricity used to power it, operators need to do all they can to reduce consumption. The new L23 to L29 range therefore offers a number of features designed to improve energy efficiency, without compromising on performance:

Fixed and regulated speed

The compressors are available as either fixed or regulated-speed models, with two-stage filtration for high quality air output. Regulated-speed models feature CompAir’s inverter technology, ensuring that the compressor speeds up and slows down as required to meet production demand. This means that the compressor consumes only the energy that is required and helps to avoid off-load running.

Premium efficiency air end and electric motor

A high output compression element with slow rotational speed reduces energy costs. In addition, all units feature an energy-saving, IE3 electric motor offering high efficiency to reduce emissions.

Seamless control

Compressors in the range feature the Delcos Pro intelligent controller to continuously monitor operating parameters. Delcos Pro offers a range of management information including pressure, oil temperature, total hours run and service due indicator to name a few, as well as programmable inputs and outputs and the ability to control additional equipment.

Tailored to the application

Gerd Moosman continues, “We recognise that all production processes are different and require a tailored compressor solution in order to operate at the best efficiency. As a result, we have designed the L23 to L29 compressor series with the option of an integrated refrigerant dryer, ideal where space is at a premium.

“This comes complete with a dryer and water separator and zero loss drains to eliminate expensive air loss. Installation costs are also lower, when compared to a conventional, standalone dryer.”

Extended warranty

Every compressor in the L series range is supplied with CompAir’s Assure extended warranty which is provided free of charge up to 44,000 hours or 6 years.

*Source: Industrial energy prices, Department of Energy and Climate Change website (www.decc.gov.uk)