The Benefits of Oil-Free Air Compressors

  • In many cases, whole life costs are reduced, with businesses able to save on the cost of oil replacement
  • Additional equipment to clean and separate oil from air, such as oil separators, filtration equipment, and condensate treatment, is not required
  • While oil-lubricated com­pressors mean oil or ­oil-­contaminated condensate will need to be disposed of, impacting the environment, this is not a concern with ­oil-free technology

  • Zero risk of oil contamination caused by damaged filtration systems at any time
  • Possibility to apply Heat-of-Compression (HOC) dryers for lowest pressure dew points without additional energy consumption

ULTIMA Oil-Free Technology

Delivering ­significant increases in ­efficiency and ­ex­ceeding ­environmental ­targets

ULTIMA compressors from ­CompAir are 100% oil and silicone-­free and meet the ISO 8573-1 Class Zero standard (2010), making them the ideal choice for stringent oil-free applications e. g. within food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and electronic industries.

Ultima 160 compressor

ULTIMA uses variable speed drive for ultimate efficiency

A major drawback that traditional two-stage oil-free compressors have is their reliance on a gearbox; not only does this consume large amounts of energy but ­requires high volumes of oil to ­lubricate the gears. ULTIMA has two per-manent magnetic motors that replace this gearbox design. The variable­-speed motors can achieve speeds of up to 22,000rpm and efficiencies greater than IE4, also allowing the airends to be driven at different speeds dependant on demand.

Also, while conventional models still use oil to lubricate and cool a system’s motors and airends, ­ULTIMA uses water in a closed-loop circuit to cool these com­ponents. This allows greater heat transfer and cooling efficiencies, as well as en-suring as little oil as possible is used in the system for assured air purity.

Installing an ULTIMA air-cooled compressor is calculated to result in an ­annual reduction of 52 tons of indirect CO2 emissions compared to a conventional oil free variable speed compressor. That’s equivalent to 5,207 trees!


Ultima Compressor Savings Chart

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