The Best just got Better!

Best-in-class Flow Rate. Best-in-class Economy.

CompAir Frame 6 L132FC Regulated Speed

CompAir has announced a range extension on its FourCore compressors – adding 110 and 132kW fixed and regulated speed units to an already outstanding range – combining best-in-class compressed air efficiency with a compact and sustainable design.
The new 110 and 132kW units offer outstanding energy efficiency and high flow rates, allowing, in some cases, for smaller compressors to be installed, leading to less kW consumption, less noise, less parts and, of course, less investment. 

Less is quite obviously more with FourCore!

As a result, a 132kW FourCore compressor, compared to a conventional single-stage unit, can save up to 7000 €/year and reduce CO2 emissions by 35 tons/year, equivalent to 82,600 miles driven by a petrol-powered passenger car.

The FourCore range offers all the capabilities of a two-stage compressor but with the footprint of a single-stage unit and up to 8% more efficient.