Downstream & Ancillary Equipment

A modern production system and process demands increasing levels of air purity.

As we have seen, compressed air contains impurities such as water, oil and tiny particles which occur naturally in the air around us or which are introduced into the air stream by the compression process, like rust and pipe scale. The products shown above remove these impurities, air dryers, use different technologies to dry the air & remove the water vapour.

Air filters, remove solid particles and condensate drains and oil/water separators remove & split the oil and the water from the compressed air so it can be disposed of in the correct way. Only then is the compressed air ready to be used by the production process.

A CompAir compressed air system utilising the latest technology provides an energy efficient solution at lowest life cycle costs. The air purity is defined in international standard ISO 8573-1 (2010) and can only be achieved with filtration, water separation and drying. The use of clean dry compressed air ensures high levels of reliability, guarantees that quality standards are met and can reduce production costs.

This chart shows how the contaminates in the compressed air relate to the ISO8573-1 class system which defines air purity and shows the level of contaminates allowed in each class from 0 (the purest) to 6. Different applications require different classes, for example food production usually requires class 0 where the air has to be as pure as possible, as it may come into contact with the process it serves.