Oil Sampling

Oil Sampling and analysis can identify problems in the earliest stages which can keep downtime to a minimum, reduce repair cost and ensure optimum energy efficiency.

Detailed analysis reports will give information regarding external contamination, which will give an insight to the ambient conditions that affect the lubricant and running of the compressor, or internal contamination that would give an early warning regarding malfunctioning of components. We will provide an easy to read report that include: when to sample again, what parameters are abnormal and possible steps you need to amend any abnormality with your lubrication.


What are the benefits?

  • Reduces your downtime and lost production
  • Enables you to spot potential problems at an early stage
  • Allows to plan and schedule maintenance well in advance
  • Helps you save money
  • Lowers repair cost
  • Aims to offer peace of mind
  • Reassurances of the condition of the oil
  • Shows the condition of the compressor