Portable Air Compressors for Every Application

CompAir’s range of lightweight, towable, and heavy-duty portable air compressors meet the requirements of numerous mobile compressed air applications

Always on the move:

Score big with our portable compressors

Dismantling work, paint spraying, sandblasting, drilling, ramming or soil loosening - the list of activities that require full power at all times and everywhere could go on and on.

Whenever you need powerful compressed air on your construction site, CompAir is the best address for you. Our portable compressors reliably supply you and your compressed air tools - wherever, whenever and at whatever intensity you need compressed air for your work. Flexibility is by no means all that our mobile air compressors have to offer. You can also rely on:

  • Excellent performance thanks to technology customised for portable working
  • Outstanding performance profile with high efficiency thanks to continuous further development
  • Sustainable working thanks to low CO2 emissions
  • Simplified handling thanks to optimally positioned control panels
  • Uncomplicated maintenance thanks to easily removable bonnet and large access doors
  • Flexible working in any terrain - even on construction sites that are difficult to access thanks to towable or mobile transport
  • Compact size for loading onto construction vehicles or lorries
  • Safe operation for all tasks
    • In road construction when driving pneumatic machines and pneumatic tools
    • In quarries
    • As part of restoration tasks
    • In challenging working environments, e.g. in remote locations, in mountains or on glaciers

Our product range with the most important mobile compressors for operating your compressed air or construction tools on a mobile construction site is tailored to your needs. Ensure extra flexibility on your industrial site or in production and choose the right type for you from the following series of our small air compressors. We are certain that with 6 series and 41 types, you will find the right mobile compressor for you.


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