Compressed Air for a Sustainable Future

The importance of sustainable compressed air systems in greener production

Fighting climate change

The Earth’s atmosphere is warming, faster than ever. Global temperatures have been rising for well over a century, accelerating in recent years, and are now the highest on record.

The reason? Carbon (CO2) emissions are causing the greenhouse effect, trapping heat, and making our world warmer, faster than could ever happen naturally. Reducing carbon pollution is essential if we are to keep our ­planet’s temperature in check.

Pressure from employees, investors, and consumers, combined with ever-stricter government emissions standards has made going green the logical choice. As a result, businesses are working towards improved green credentials and increasingly ambitious sustainability targets.

In this section we explore how the right compressed air system can play a key role in contributing towards these goals. 

Global atmospheric CO2 concentrations from 1760 to 2021