The Benefits of Oil-Lubricated Air Compressors

They are reliable and efficient compressors that can be installed alongside a variety of air tools and accessories to maximise profitability.

They come in a variety of designs including lobe, screw, liquid ring, scroll and vane. Oil can ­later be removed from the ­compressed air using downstream ­equipment. This is good for a ­variety of industrial applications, such as manufacturing, building work, waste management, quarrying and recycling.

A precise analysis of the current situation and calculation of the current compressed air demand and pressure level, along with that expected in the future, should always be used as the basis for any decision. If the system components, including treatment, are coordinated and maintenance ­expenses have been determined, running costs and energy costs can be estimated more accurately and carbon footprint ­reduced. 

Impartial planning

It is best to approach planning without pre-conceived opinions, such as, ‘It has to be a screw ­com­pressor/piston compressor/oil-free compressor’ or ‘we need a 75 kW ­machine’ and consider all options. In some instances, for example, an oil-lubricated compressor may be the most suitable ­option to achieve desired running costs and energy savings.


FourCore oil-lubricated technology

Sustainable design for eco-conscious business

FourCore: reduced manu­facturing materials and waste 

In the case of the L200e model, ­compared to a ­conventional two stage 200 kW compressor:

  • Reduces material used by 22 %
  • Reduces waste by 19 %

CompAir’s new 160, 200 and 250 kW FourCore compressor has been designed with reducing waste and improving sustainability throughout the entire product ­lifecycle in mind. This has resulted in a system that not only runs more efficiently than alternative compressor technologies, but one that has been created with sustainability at its heart.


For example, a L160e model running 8,000 hours/year, compared to a conventional 160 kW compressor delivers reduced greenhouse emissions equivalent to that of 32 passenger cars, or 371,800 miles driven by a passenger car in a single year, and carbon sequestered by 181 acres of forest.

While a L200e model running 8000 hours/year, compared to a conventional two-stage compressor delivers reduced greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to that of 6 passenger car, or 70,000 miles driven by a passenger car in 12 months.

The FourCore range also offers all the capabilities of a two-stage compressor, but with only the footprint of a single-stage unit, providing businesses, who might not have previously had the on-site space available, the opportunity to take advantage of the capabilities of two-stage technology. 

When compared with previous single-stage compressors in this size range from CompAir, the new models are up to 8 per cent more efficient, offering a best-in-class oil-lubricated solution.

FourCore L200e Open

FourCore: A L200e model1) reduces greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 70,000 miles driven by a passenger car in 12 months.1)
1) Running 8000 hours/year, compared to a conventional two-stage compressor

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