Sustainable Heat Recovery Systems for Oil-free Compressors

Heat Recovery Save Money and reduce your Carbon Footprint

Turn waste heat to your advantage

It's critically important that we focus on energy now and in the future:

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Turn this waste heat to your advantage: recovering it will allow you to save huge amounts of energy, cut CO2 emissions and improve operating costs.

Why heat Recovery

It is a thermodynamic fact that around 94% of the energy needed to run a
compressor gets converted to heat. Without heat recovery, this heat is directly
blown into the atmosphere.

The heat generated during compression is paid for as part of the process, then it creates additional costs as this heat needs to be removed by cooling fans or by the use of water. At the same time, most companies consume a lot of energy and money to generate hot process water, space heating or preheat water for steam generation. 

Given that compressed air systems account for 10% of all electricity used in industry, and energy is the largest single lifecycle cost of a compressor, it makes sense to recover this heat, save energy and reduce costs


Give your compressed air system an efficiency upgrade

With a heat recovery system from CompAir, the heat generated by the compressor can be re-used, providing the following BENEFITS:

  • Significant saving in energy costs
  • Extremely short payback time - typically less than a year
  • Lower CO2 emissions
  • Turnkey solutions
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Small footprint
  • No impact on the compressed air supply
  • High reliability 

Different Oil-free Heat Recovery Systems


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