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CompAir launches search for Europe’s oldest compressor

CompAir is launching a competition to find Europe’s oldest working compressor, with the lucky winner receiving a free service of their machine.

All those who enter will receive a free power bank, with the oldest compressor winning a free service.

The competition has been launched to celebrate the impressive heritage of CompAir, a brand that has built up a reputation for high-quality products with long lifecycles over almost two centuries of successful business, for both stationary and portable compressors.

Please enter your name, email & include the model and serial number of the compressor in the comments section of this form:

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compair compressor installation
CompAir Compressor Installation

History in the making

The brand, part of Ingersoll Rand, prides itself on the reliability and durability of its equipment, as well as the excellent energy efficiency of its compressor range, which can help save thousands of pounds per year against non-premium brands. Unlike many other compressor manufacturers, all of CompAir’s airends – which are the heart of a compressed air system – are designed and manufactured at the company’s Centre of Excellence in Simmern, Germany.

With a full range of downstream equipment available, CompAir machines also come with a market-leading free warranty up to 10 years or 44,000 hours.

In addition, all CompAir compressors now come with iConn – CompAir’s Industry 4.0 software – as standard for stationary compressors starting from 30kW. This facilitates trouble-free operation, with no unnecessary downtime, helping operators to manage, optimise and improve compressed air-based services based on valuable data and insights.

200 years of experience in the marketplace

The origins of CompAir can be traced back to two British companies, Holman and BroomWade, with over 200 years of experience in the marketplace. The brand is now owned by Ingersoll Rand.

“Our brands have been consistently at the forefront of compressed air systems, culminating in some of the most energy efficient compressors on the market today,” comments Product Manager Dora Artemiadi. “That’s why we’re launching this competition – to celebrate this heritage and reputation for longevity.

compair cyclon compressor archive
A CompAir cyclon compressor from the 1980's - the original variable speed compressor

“Compressors are often the forgotten heroes of the industrial world. We want to celebrate this long-lasting technology and engineering, so make sure you enter our competition today, to be in with the chance of winning a free service!”

Harry Skeet Broom left - BroomWade founder and son Dick Broom c1940

Harry Skeet Broom left - BroomWade founder and son Dick Broom c1940

Click here to download a pdf of the book "A Recorded History of CompAir BroomWade". This was written in 1998 to celebrate the Centenary of BroomWade (1898 - 1998).

As explained in the book, CompAir was actually formed when Holman merged with BroomWade to produce "an organization with the resources to compete effectively in world markets.... the name of the group was the International Compressed Air Corporation. Four years later the name was changed to CompAir, the title acquired from the BroomWade apprentices, it was title of their magazine. They were paid the handsome sum of £50 for the name..."

This book provides a compelling insight into the early days of the compressed air industry and the way the company evolved over the years.