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Lubricants are a key component of any lubricated rotary compressor. Too often this vital element of the compressor package is misunderstood and under valued by the machine owner. The temptation to look for cheaper alternatives often replaces prudence and common sense, leading to poor performance and costly repairs.

The Fluid Force lubricant is formulated with carefully selected base oils and additives, which enables it to achieve longer compressor running hours. The Fluid Force warranty lubricants last remarkably long in the severe CompAir compressor tests whilst safeguarding energy efficiency and compressor cleanliness.

  • This range of high performance lubricants is specifically designed to meet and exceed the operating requirements of all oil injected rotary screw compressors
  • Ensure that you benefit from the enhanced peace of mind and all round protection that CompAir Fluid Force Lubricants will bring - The Liquid Asset
  • Use of CompAir warranty lubricants supports the machine owner’s participation in the extended warranty programme Assure™ , no other lubricants can offer you this protection

Oil Sampling and analysis can identify problems in the earliest stages which can keep downtime to a minimum, reduce repair cost and ensure optimum energy efficiency.

Detailed analysis reports will give information regarding external contamination, which will give an insight to the ambient conditions that affect the lubricant and running of the compressor, or internal contamination that would give an early warning regarding malfunctioning of components. We will provide an easy to read report that include: when to sample again, what parameters are abnormal and possible steps you need to amend any abnormality with your lubrication.

Fluid Force 4000 Hour - The Screw Warranty Lubricant

This premium quality compressor lubricant is specifically designed for use in CompAir oil injected screw compressors, and has been developed to meet all our requirements. CompAir 4000hr warranty lubricant is formulated with carefully selected base oils and additives.

Your benefits in a nutshell:

  • Vastly increased life when compared to conventional alternatives
  • Excellent protection against oil separator clogging
  • Exceptional resistance to oxidation and system contamination
  • Reduced oil consumption and carry over
  • Lower maintenance, reduced downtime - increased operating profit
  • Use of this lubricant maintains Assure™ warranty conditionality

Fluid Force Food Grade - Screw Lubricant

CompAir food grade lubricants is a hydro tested mineral oil for food and environmentally sensitive applications. Supported by the food grade flushing oil (Fluid Force Prime) they offer the following additional benefits:

  • Non Toxic, odourless and tasteless
  • 50% more biodegradable than standard mineral oil
  • Meets all major environmental legislative requirements

Lubrication, sealing, cooling and anti-wear characteristics that ensure efficient operation during the effective working life of the CompAir vane compressor.

Saco  - Lubricant for our Portable Screw Compressor Range

A high robust lubricant specifically designed to exceed the harsh operating requirements of all oil Injected Rotary Screw Portable compressors. The carefully selected & tested base oils and additives guarantees the optimum lubrication, sealing, cooling and anti-wear characteristics that ensure efficient operation during the effective working life of the CompAir Portable compressor.

Other Lubricants available from CompAir:

Motor Greasing Lubricants.

Our 55 to 250Kw Oil Lubricated Screw compressors are standard delivered with a Auto Greasing System for the motor bearings. CompAir supplied the cartridges in the service kits for this range of compressors to ensure optimum protection for the motor bearings.

Gear Oil

Carefully selected and tested gear lubricants are available from your Authorised CompAir Service providers. Please contact your nearest service centre for the best advise on this type of lubricant

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