A sterile environment is essential in the pharmaceutical industry. So when it comes to compressed air, only oil-free will do.

Manufacturers of pharmaceutical products require not only sophisticated process technology but also exact compliance with specific environmental conditions. Room temperature, room differential pressure, air humidity and quality are important factors for product quality and process reliability. Often the compressed air itself plays a key role in production especially when it comes into direct contact with the manufactured product. This makes the absolute purity of this compressed air an extremely important factor.

Purity is the highest priority
A sterile environment is essential in the pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, only 100% oil-free clean room compressors are suitable for compressed air production. Contamination in compressed air, e.g. in the form of oil or other particles can lead to process interruptions, production stops and expensive recalls - not to mention damage to the company's reputation. Manufacturers must therefore remove any risks and always ensure the maximum quality of their compressed air.

Typical areas of application

  • Compressed air as process air
  • Blowing out bottles and ampoules in a sterile area after cleaning with compressed air
  • Compressed air for mixing, sieving and filling
  • Compressed air for filtering hormones
  • Compressed air for grinding and micronising high quality powders (air jet grinding/ contract micronisation)
  • Compressed air controlling of pneumatic valves for laboratory equipment
  • Compressed air for purging air at bearing seals
  • Colour coating of pills/tablets

PureAir compressors
CompAir offers a comprehensive range of oil-free, pure air compressors that meet the highest quality standards and deliver outstanding efficiency, from the DH range to pioneering Ultima technology. Countless companies around the world already rely on our oil-free technology. All PureAir compressors are Class 0 certified and 100% silicone free, please watch this video to learn more & watch our oil-free models in action:

Case Studies

Assuring Product Safety for Sanofi Aventis

Assuring Product Safety for Sanofi Aventis

New compressed air station from CompAir exceeds quality and efficiency targets

New Compressed Air Station From CompAir Exeeds Quality And Efficiency Targets