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Unwanted substances can and do occur in compressed air – from the ambient air inducted and generated by the process, e.g. dirt, dust, water, oil, and other micro-contaminants. By installing the correct air treatment system, with the correctly sized compressed air dryer for your application, moisture and contaminants that will damage your production and application efficiency and increase costs will be avoided altogether. In addition, air treatment enables the delivery of compressed air to the exact quality specified by the application or process.

Meeting or exceeding even the most stringent air purity standards by removing contaminants from compressed air with the correct filtration will undoubtedly lower operating costs significantly and extend the service life of your compressed air systems and application equipment.

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learn more about the iConn service

Learn more about the iConn service

The iConn service provides compressed air users with in-depth and real-time knowledge about their system, essential for accurate production planning and to protecttheir investment.

  • Technicians alert you to alarms and possible issues before you know there is an issue
  • Stay in touch with your compressed air. Anytime. Anywhere.


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