Service Program - Oil Lubricated, Rotary Screw Compressors

AssurePLAN+ provides predictable, on-time planned services including diagnostics to catch potential problems, before they result in larger headaches. With an AssurePLAN+ agreement, you will receive 10-year airend coverage.

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AssurePLAN+ agreements can begin at any time during the life of the compressor. To enjoy 10 years of airend coverage, sign up for AssurePLAN+ within 12 months of startup


iConn remote monitoring of your compressed air installation

Improved Performance

Get High Reliability and Improved Performance

tick OEM expertise and early detection of impending problems 
tick Predictive diagnostics for lubricant condition
tick Vibration analysis and trending for mechanical condition-based maintenance
tick Managed, predictable maintenance costs
tick Expert technicians keep your equipment tuned for peak efficiency and performance
tick Reduce hassle and get peace of mind knowing your preventative maintenance is handled


Power of AssurePLAN+

The Benefits of Assure

How the Power of AssurePLAN+ Drives Your Service Program


OEM Genuine Parts

Genuine CompAir parts ensure your compressor system operates to its specifications. Non-genuine parts are not optimised for pressure drop, thermal conductivity or CompAir’s standards, which results in decreased performance and excessive operational costs.


Predictive Diagnostics

Utilising best-in-class with iConn technology and big data analytics, your CompAir service provider will deliver additional value with predictive diagnostic reports with iConn Compressor Service 4.0. Understanding the impact of certain metal content, as well as acidity over time, allows CompAir to deliver a condition-based assessment of the oil. When combining the oil analysis trend with the vibration analysis trend, the mechanical condition of the airend can be determined.


Trained Technicians

Anyone can turn a wrench, but knowing your technician is factory certified and trained to the highest safety standards allows you to focus on your core business, while we take care of your compressor system.