Compressed Air Treatment

Compressed air purification and efficiency upgrades

Once air has been compressed by the air compressor, most modern production systems require that this compressed air is free from impurities such as water, oil and tiny particles which occur naturally in the air around us or which are introduced into the air stream by the compression process, like rust and pipe scale.

These tiny particles which are invisible to the naked eye increase in concentration as the air is compressed and so need to be filtered out. Air dryers, use different technologies to dry the air & remove the water vapour. Air filters, remove solid particles and condensate drains and oil/water separators remove & split the oil and the water from the compressed air so it can be disposed of in the correct way. Only then is the compressed air ready to be used by the production process.

A CompAir compressed air treatment system utilising the latest technology provides an energy efficient solution at lowest life cycle costs. Implementing heat recovery and sequencers further help to maximise the network efficiency.