Industrial Air Compressors from CompAir

Leading the way in the compressed air market with innovative solutions tailored to our customers’ application requirements, CompAir provides a range of energy-efficient technologies that industry professionals rely on day in, day out.

CompAir is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of industrial air compressors designed using the latest advances in reciprocating, rotary screw, centrifugal, and portable compressed air technology.

Engineered with the customer in mind, our industrial solutions are aimed at solving the common challenges posed by your industry. Our product offering is designed to suit a wide variety of industrial applications, helping to improve the efficiency, reliability, and performance of your operation.

We have a diverse range of air systems to choose from including oil lubricated, oil-free, single and variable speed drives, portables and more.

We are dedicated to providing the complete solution for our industry partners, that’s why our product offering includes a range of air treatment equipment and accessories. We provide a complete range of downstream equipment including dryers, filtration products, condensate treatment, nitrogen generators, heat recovery systems and management systems, to name a few. Each product is designed to enhance and optimise your installation, helping to achieve your business goals.

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Do I need a lubricated or oil-free compressor?

There are different air purity classes that compressed air can fall into according to the International Organisation for Standardisation (IS0). It is important to consider if your business requires a specific class of air before you choose which type of compressor to purchase. Air compressors can be specified to meet with an ISO class to ensure the product meets your exact expectations.

Food and beverage industries, as well as pharmaceutical and chemical, will often require ISO Class 0 air quality. This is the cleanest standard of compressed air possible and requires extremely high levels of air purity.

If clean air is required for your application, an oil-free compressor will always be the most efficient choice. Although upfront costs may be more than a traditional lubricated compressor, you will benefit from the assurance of always being able to guarantee a clean output of contaminant and silicone-free air. All of CompAir’s oil free compressors are certified as either ISO Class 1 or ISO Class 0 air purity, offering our customers the cleanest solution.

If your compressed air installation will be for general use and not require Class 0 clean air, then a lubricated compressor will be the more economical choice for you. Lubricated compressors are extremely popular and are the most common type of compressor in use within industrial sectors. They are robust, reliable and high performing machines. Plus, downstream equipment such as filters and separators can be used to clean compressed air output effectively, removing contamination and providing clean air suitable for many purposes.

CompAir has invested 16 million euros in the Simmern "Centre of Excellence" plant in Germany, where its industrial air compressors are manufactured.

The air end is the most critical part of an industrial compressor, it's where the compressed air is generated & so extremely high tolerances are needed to manufacture each rotor down to the nano metre precision required to match the rotor pairs together.

(For a more detailed video about how air ends work please click here to the airends video on our oil-free page)