Service Program - Oil Lubricated, And Oil-Free Rotary Screw Compressors

AssureCOMPLETE represents the greatest value for asset management by transferring operational risk to CompAir. We are responsible for scheduled maintenance, as well as using iConn's predictive and analytical tools to help prevent unexpected interruptions in your production.

We Protect You
AssureCOMPLETE agreements include coverage of every component in your compressed air equipment. This includes replacement of the entire compressor up to its full lifecycle of 6 YEARS with no proration


iConn remote monitoring of your compressed air installation

Value Added Service

Get the Highest Equipment Reliability and Return on Your Maintenance Budget

tick Eliminate the worry, No interruption, no surprises 
tick Known budgeted costs,100% coverage of all repairs 
tick Service is always a priority
tick Save on parts procurement and inventory cost
tick Full risk transfer with a mutual commitment
tick Any term length up to 10 years


COMPLETE Peace of Mind Assured

The Benefits of Assure

What makes AssureCOMPLETE so different?


No Fine Print

The fine print on many agreements withextended warranties allows companies theopportunity to deny claims. Additionally,certain aspects of a repair are not covered,such as consumables or travel. With AssureCOMPLETE, there’s no fine print


No Proration

We are committed to keeping equipmentoperational at no additional cost.


No Paperwork Hassles

Extended warranties require you to maintain certain records or submit information to the supplier, otherwise coverage can be denied


Preventative and Predictive

Preventative and PredictiveAssureCOMPLETE is proactive with bestin-class iConn technology – other companiesonly replace parts after they have failed. YourCompAir service provider delivers additional valuewith predictive diagnostic reports with iConnCompressor Service 4.0, for total peace of mind.


Trustworthy Pricing

Competitive agreements increase in price for partsand service labour at the will of the supplier


No Surprises

Most extended warranty contract languagestates they can terminate for convenience. WithAssureCOMPLETE, we cannot walk away.


Risk Transfer

Extended warranties on competitive agreementstypically cover defects in materials andworkmanship, specifically excluding wear and tear,corrosion, etc. AssureCOMPLETE covers it all.



AssureCOMPLETE has more flexibilitythan an agreement with extended warranty.You can add older equipment, dryers andfilters or include a rental compressor.

Customising iConn according to your needs