Engineering Excellence

Compressors are more than just a financial investment, they are a key component in ensuring that manufacturers, processors and operators receive consistent, high quality, low cost air. The screw compression element is the heart of the compressor and therefore CompAir keeps the design and manufacture in-house, using the latest CNC rotor grinding machinery, coupled with online laser technology. The resulting reliability and performance ensures that operating costs will remain low throughout the compressor‘s life.


Premium efficiency airend

The new highly efficient airend delivers the highest quality compressed air at a low rotational speed, to help minimise the unit’s energy consumption and achieve excellent performance. The semi integrated airend design with integrated oil filter and oil regulation valve means fewer external components and pipework, taking less physical space, eliminating the risk of leakage and easing the maintenance. The innovative design of the fail safe shaft seal, ensures highest levels of quality and reliability are achieved minimising the down time of the compressor.

Outstanding Design

Preventative Replacement