Compressed Air Treatment – 6 Unique Reasons to Choose CompAir

A modern production system and process demands increasing air quality levels, and compressed air operators must ensure that the downstream equipment delivers on it 100%. Consequently, we have developed new Air Treatment products with increased efficiency that meet or surpass the latest technology standards.

Six new and exciting products have been added to our stable – energy-efficient and low-environmental impact products to enhance our customers’ experiences, and their bottom-line.

Take the all new Sub-Freezing Dryer for instance – a revolutionary regenerative subfreezing refrigerated dryer, combining the -20oC sub zero pressure dew point (PDP) of a typical regenerative desiccant dryer, with the low operating and energy costs of a refrigerant dryer, to provide an extremely low total cost of ownership (TCO).


It is in fact, the first of its kind using regenerative refrigeration technology to deliver a -20oC (-4oF) PDP at 70% lower energy costs – AND less upfront investment too!


The Air Treatment portfolio designed and manufactured by CompAir, utilises the latest technology, provides energy-efficient solutions at the lowest life cycle costs – environmentally-friendly products helping customers to achieve their sustainability targets.

You can now enjoy the same quality, performance, and efficiency standards from our Air Treatment range as delivered by our compressors. Investment in the in-house design and manufacture of our product range – matching compressed air system demand with a gap-free product portfolio to fit all air quality application requirements – in addition to providing a solid support structure, ensures that operators don’t need to worry about the quality of their compressed air, quality that is critical to ensuring maximum production efficiency and investment protection.


Latest developments from CompAir:

CompAir provides a complete air system solution for our industry partners – intense industry and application knowledge across the latest advances in oil-free and oil-lubricated technologies to a complete range of downstream equipment, air treatment and accessories. Global expertise and genuinely local service ensure our advanced technology is backed by proper support.

At the forefront of compressed air systems development, CompAir develops the most energy-efficient and low-environmental impact air compressor solutions today, helping customers achieve or surpass their sustainability targets.

Trust CompAir for innovation and engineering excellence.

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