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New Assure service agreements


CompAir details the importance of sustainable compressed air 


Transfer von Produktionskapazitäten nach Simmern abgeschlossen


The Ultima™: An Exciting Development in Oil-Free Compressor Technology

Leaders in revolutionary compressor technology, CompAir, have announced their latest landmark range. Ultima. This water-cooled, oil-free compressor provides ultimate performance with exceptional efficiency.


Just Trays keeps energy costs watertight with CompAir

Less than six months after installing a new L75RS regulated speed compressor with heat recovery from CompAir, Just Trays, the UK’s leading manufacturer of shower trays is on target to achieve annual energy savings in the region of £23,000, with a fast payback on return on investment.


CompAir extends its oil-free range of two-stage screw compressors

Leading compressor manufacturer, CompAir has launched a completely new range of high efficiency, oil-free two-stage screw compressors to further enhance its successful and award winning D-Series.


Gardner Denver to exhibit portable compressor range at Geotechnica 2015

Gardner Denver is exhibiting its range of portable compressors, including the Stage IV emissions’ compliant TurboScrew units, at Geotechnica 2015.


Merck cuts energy costs by 60,000 Euros with CompAir's Quantima compressor

Merck KGaA, a paint manufacturer based in Gernsheim, Germany, has turned to CompAir’s innovative, oil-free Quantima compressor technology to help lower energy costs and reduce cost of ownership in just nine months.


New management appointments for CompAir

CompAir/Gardner Denver has announced the appointment of Colin Mander to the newly-created post of Aftermarket Sales Director across the whole of Europe, Middle East and Africa.


Gardner Denver launches new sales and support commitment at ComVac, Hannover Fair

At this year’s ComVac exhibition, part of the leading Hannover Messe trade fair, Gardner Denver will exhibit twelve of its group brands together for the first time in Europe and will launch its new customer commitment to provide the ultimate source for vacuum and pressure.


New compressed air station from CompAir exceeds quality and efficiency targets

ACU Pharma und Chemie GmbH (ACU) specialises in the precision milling and micronising of high-quality powders, fine powders and compound mixtures. Special air jet mills, which require very pure and dry compressed air for optimal micronisation, are used in production.


Gardner Denver to exhibit new energy efficient technology at Air-Tech

On stand A100 at Air-Tech 2014, compressor manufacturer Gardner Denver will be showcasing energy efficient compressors and pumps from its leading brands, including CompAir, Hydrovane and Elmo Rietschle.


Longcliffe Quarries saves over £4,000 per annum with intelligent CompAir compressor system

Longcliffe Quarries, one of the leading suppliers of calcium carbonate in the UK, is achieving minimum annual energy savings of £4,200 with a predicted return on investment of less than 12 months - thanks to a new compressed air system from Gardner Denver distributor, Aircare Compressor Services Limited (Aircare).


AGA Rangemaster puts reliability on the menu with genuine compressor spares

Ask any responsible operator what steps can be taken to improve compressor performance and you’d expect a number of answers; maybe to invest in the latest, high-efficiency compressor technology; perhaps to install a new controller or purchase more effective downstream equipment; or to undertake a comprehensive air audit.


New CompAir F-HS range of refrigerant dryers delivers 20% energy savings

CompAir, part of the Gardner Denver group, has launched a new, F-HS range of refrigerant dryers with flow rates from 0.4 m3/min to 180 m3/min, which are capable of achieving energy savings of up to 20% when compared with traditional systems.


CompAir helps robot band take to the stage

A CompAir compressor supplied by BCAS Limited has helped a band made up of three, 5ft tall robots take to the stage at a recent festival in London.


CompAir compressors furnish Bluespot Furniture with 30 per cent energy savings

Bluespot Furniture Limited (Bluespot) is saving over 30 per cent in energy costs, thanks to a new compressed air system from Gardner Denver (CompAir) distributor, Advanced Compressor Engineering Ltd (ACE Group).


CompAir’s new L23-L29 compressors meet the demand for optimum performance

CompAir has launched a brand new range of fixed and regulated-speed rotary screw compressors to complete and enhance its offering between 22kW and 30kW.


CompAir launches Stage IV compliant portable compressors

CompAir is now offering its range of portable, TurboScrew compressors with a Stage IV emissions compliant engine.


CompAir launches the new L140 optimised efficiency, oil-lubricated screw compressors

CompAir, with its long tradition and innovative reputation in oil-lubricated compressor technologies, has launched a new optimised efficiency 132kW, oil-lubricated rotary screw compressor to further enhance its L-Series.


Community Love Continues for Ingersoll Rand at its Facility in Central Missouri

Ingersoll Rand’s Gardner Denver manufacturing facility in Sedalia, Missouri has been in operation since 1979 and is an employer of 250 local skilled workers. It has been an active member of the community for generations, and its impact is felt far outside its walls due to frequent charitable actions. 


Maximizing Your Potential: Personally, Professionally and in the Community

The Black Employee Network (BEN) inclusion group continues to create an environment of connectivity by fostering inspired teams and collaborating with community organizations.


CompAir launches new CD refrigerant dryer series

CompAir, the leading compressed air brand, has launched its latest refrigerant dryer range, helping ensure compressed air systems remain reliable and energy efficient throughout their working life.


Gardner Denver Solution Helps Bring Relief to Brazilian Covid-19 Patients

Gardner Denver cooperated with air solutions provider Valmig Comércio e Assessoria Técnica de Equipamentos on the delivery of an oxygen generating plant to a municipal hospital in the Capela do Socorro area of São Paulo, Brazil. 


COMING THIS AUTUMN.. The new FourCore range from CompAir


CompAir announces new in-house air treatment ranges

CompAir, has launched a new air treatment portfolio designed and manufactured entirely in-house to meet the same quality, performance, and efficiency standards as its world-class compressors.


Super-deduction tax incentive offers key opportunity for compressed air investments

CompAir is encouraging British firms looking to invest in new industrial air equipment to take advantage of the government’s super-deduction tax incentive, announced in the 2021 Budget by the Chancellor of the Exchequer.


CompAir launches latest L-Series models from 2.2kW to 7.5kW

CompAir has introduced new models to its renowned L-Series range of oil-lubricated screw compressors, delivering cutting-edge performance and reliability to help reduce total cost of ownership for operators.


White Paper

Predictiveand InterlinkedIntelligence


COVID-19 update from CompAir


CompAir launches search for Europe’s oldest compressor

CompAir is launching a competition to find Europe’s oldest working compressor, with the lucky winner receiving a free service of their machine.


CompAir launches premium 90 to 132kW screw compressor models


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Gardner Denver’s Ultima compressor still leads the way in oil-free technology

For those seeking a best-in-class oil-free system, Gardner Denver’s CompAir Ultima compressor sets a benchmark in performance, operational efficiencies and for meeting the highest possible air quality standards.


L90 to L132RS Lubricated Screw Air Compressors


Gardner Denver finds the UK’s oldest compressors

The results have been counted and the winners are in! Gardner Denver's quest to find the oldest working CompAir and Hydrovane compressors has been a resounding success with entries received from across the UK and today, the company is proud to announce the two winning entries.


CompAir slices energy costs at bakery

Just three months after installing two fixed-speed L110s and one regulated-speed L132RS compressor, along with a heat recovery system from CompAir, a leading supplier of bread products is on target to achieve annual energy savings in the region of £188,000, with a payback on investment in less than two years.


Energy savings are out of this world for space technology company

RF2M Technologies, a manufacture of electronic components for the defence-aerospace sector, is saving more than £30,000 in energy costs per year after switching to a CompAir L75 variable-speed compressor with heat-recovery system from Gardner Denver distributor, Rodwell Bayne.


CompAir takes the pressure out of fuel costs for Blair Drilling

Twelve months after taking delivery of a new portable C230TS-17 TurboScrew compressor from CompAir, Blair Drilling, a water engineering services company, is experiencing savings of up to 34% on fuel consumption, with a fast payback on return on investment.


Cut compressed air costs with airINSITE from CompAir

CompAir has introduced airINSITE, a compressed air auditing system designed to help users lower energy costs - by identifying any inefficiencies and assisting with performance optimisation, leak reduction and practical air management processes.


CompAir puts energy savings on the menu at Marie

Since installing fixed and regulated speed compressors from CompAir at its plant in Sablé sur Sarthe, France, food processing company, Société Marie, is experiencing annual electricity savings of approximately €10,500, with a payback on return on investment in less than two years.


CompAir takes a bite out of energy costs at Ifantis

Since installing three oil-free compressors and control equipment from CompAir, food processing company Ifantis’ plant in Athens, Greece has experienced a 15% reduction in compressed air energy usage, whilst its maintenance requirements and associated costs have been lowered by 25%.


CompAir upgrades DH range of oil-free compressors with Class 0 and silicone free certification and new high-performance models

Unlike conventional oil-free compressor technologies, the DH range of water-injected screw compressors from CompAir does not contain a single drop of oil, providing complete air purity, which is key for applications that must meet the most stringent quality standards.


CompAir cleans up with Briers Recycling

Briers Recycling, based in Tamworth, is a third generation, family-run business that has been working in the recycling and waste management industry since 1939.


Frost & Sullivan Honours CompAir for its Advanced D-Series 2-Stage Oil-Free Screw Compressor

Based on its recent research on the oil-free screw compressors market, Frost & Sullivan presents CompAir with the 2013 European Frost & Sullivan Award for Product Leadership for its D-Series 2-stage oil-free screw compressor.



CompAir compressor provides on-the-move air for BBC Studios and Post Production

Gardner Denver distributor, Air Energy Limited has supplied a standalone, CompAir L18FS airstation for the BBC Studios and Post Production’s operations at Elstree Film Studios.


CompAir launches the all-new D-Series - two-stage, oil-free screw compressors

CompAir, with its long tradition and reputation in oil-free compressor technologies, has launched a new range of two-stage, oil-free rotary screw compressors to further enhance and complement its recently updated water injected DH models.


CompAir provides efficiency for Butchers Pet Care

Butchers Pet Care (Butchers), the family run pet food manufacturer, has moved its Northamptonshire-based operations to a new manufacturing plant and has purchased a comprehensive CompAir compressor system to meet its complete air requirements.


CompAir launches totally new 160kW to 250kW lubricated screw range of compressors

Leading compressor manufacturer, CompAir, has started from the ground up to totally redesign its 160 kW to 250 kW oil-injected screw compressors to deliver a range of machines that both meet and exceed its existing and new customer requirements.


Der Ultima-Kompressor von CompAir ist im Bereich der ölfreien Technologie noch immer wegweisend

Der CompAir Ultima-Kompressor von Gardner Denver setzt Maßstäbe im Hinblick auf Leistung, Betriebseffizienz sowie die Einhaltung der höchstmöglichen Luftqualitätsstandards und ist somit die ideale Wahl für alle


New tree planting campaign from CompAir set to cut tonnes of compressed air energy emissions


CompAir launches dynamic new compressors in D-Series range

CompAir has announced its latest oil-free rotary screw compressors as part of its new D-Series range, delivering reliability, dynamic efficiency, lower operating costs, and high-quality oil-free compressed air.


New CompAir FourCore range balances two-stage efficiency with single-stage footprint

CompAir has announced the launch of its new 160, 200 and 250 kW FourCore compressor range, combining best-in-class compressed air efficiency with a small footprint and sustainable design for eco-conscious businesses.


CompAir has announced its latest oil-lubricated compressors

The latest range covers air-cooled models from 55 to 75 kW and is available in both fixed and regulated speeds. When compared with previous models, the new compressors offer up 8 per cent efficiency improvements, as well as up to 5 per cent higher flow rate.


Using ISO qualitystandards to planyour compressedair system

A Guide to BenchmarkingPerformance with ISO 8573,ISO 12500, and ISO 7183


CompAir will be exhibiting the latest C Series Portable Compressor range at BAUMA 2019

CompAir showcases new ‘Mobile 5’ warranty and EU Stage V-compliant portable compressors at Bauma 2019


Gardner Denver’s Ultima compressor still leads the way in oil-free technology

Gardner Denver’s CompAir extends oil-free Ultima compressor range with new air-cooled model offering process heat recovery


Standard is a thing of the past – built for extreme applications

CompAir will be presenting a new series of portable compressors in the strong medium-class of 5.5 m³ to 7.6 m³ with pressure versions between 5 - 14 bar at the Bauma between April 11 - 17 in Munich.