Gardner Denver unveils new oil-lubricated 90 to 132 kW CompAir compressors

Gardner Denver has unveiled its newest oil-lubricated compressors for its leading CompAir L-Series range, offering best-in-class efficiency.

Available in 90 kW, 110 kW and 132 kW units, the new compressors deliver efficiency improvements of up to 6 per cent when compared with previous models, plus a 7 per cent higher flow rate. The new compressors are available in both fixed and regulated speeds – which can help reduce a system’s total cost of ownership significantly – as well as air-cooled and water-cooled options.

All models are offered with a completely new airend, featuring a larger-sized inlet and outlet to help improve air flow and reduce pressure drop. Delivering the highest quality compressed air at a low rotational speed, to help minimise the unit’s energy consumption, the new airend has been designed and manufactured at the company’s Centre of Excellence in Simmern, Germany. Indeed, Gardner Denver is so confident in the capabilities of its new airend technology that it is supported by the CompAir Assure warranty, which covers the airend for up to ten years or 44,000 hours.

L110RS lubricated screw air compressor L132RS lubricated screw air compressor

Furthermore, the new airend comes with a newly patented oil regulation valve, which balances oil and the discharge temperature according to environmental conditions. Not only does this remove the risk of condensate and – as a result – corrosion, it also ensures the oil in the system remains at suitably high standard at all times and can improve efficiency levels by up to five per cent. This has been cleverly integrated, along with the oil filter, into the airend’s housing, helping to eliminate the risk of oil leaks while simplifying maintenance too.

The airend features a robust shaft seal system, to stop oil leaking from the housing. Its unique design, which incorporates three different o-rings to protect against oil and dust, ensures the highest levels of reliability and minimises any opportunities for unexpected downtime.

The latest additions to the CompAir L-Series range also include a new intake filter, further improving pressure drop, and an improved oil separator, specially designed for quick and easy servicing.

Using radial fans for low noise levels, the compressors’ innovative cooling system ensures a consistently low operating temperature, optimising compressor efficiency and reducing energy consumption as a result. Further noise reductions are achieved via the compressor’s noise-insulated enclosure and the fact that the compression element, separator/ receiver and drive motor assembly are all positioned on vibration-free mountings.

Dora Artemiadi, Product Manager for Industrial Compressors EMEA at Gardner Denver, explains: “Capable of delivering pressure ranges from 5 to 13 bar and volume flow between 5.1 to 24.5 m3/min, Gardner Denver’s latest oil-lubricated solutions can be relied on to provide consistent, cost-effective and high-quality compressed air. The compressors’ small footprint means it is a compact and easy-to-install solution, while service points are easily accessible for hassle-free maintenance.

“The new additions to our acclaimed L-Series also feature our Industry 4.0 solution, iConn, as standard. A digital air management platform, iConn provides historic, real-time, predictive and cognitive analytics, to help users optimise and improve compressor performance. In addition, it can help ensure users to stay one step ahead of any potential issues that may require maintenance, helping to save precious time and money.

“The new compressors feature the DELCOS XL SE as well, an intuitive and easy-to-use touch-screen control system that offers operators insightful monitoring capabilities.”