Oil Free Air Compressors

Oil free air compressors have been designed specifically for applications where clean, pure air is critical, resulting in high quality air for your end product.

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A Guide to Benchmarking Performance with ISO 8573, ISO 12500, and ISO 7183


Why opt for an oil free compressor?

We know that in many industries, air purity is critical. Even the tiniest drop of oil can cause product spoilage or damage production equipment. That is why it is always important to consider your production process and end product when choosing an air compressor. More and more businesses are looking to oil free air compressors as a reputable source of providing clean compressed air.

Oil free compressors use various technologies that bypass the need for oil. In oil lubricated compressors, oil is used in the compression chamber to cool and seal the air. In an oil-free compressor, no matter what type of technology is being used, no oil will ever be used in the compression chamber. This eliminates the risk of contamination and ensures 100% air purity!

Aside from a completely risk free operation, some of the core benefits of choosing an oil-free compressor are:

Low cost of ownership

Save on the costs of oil replacements as well as equipment used to clean and separate oil from air such as oil separators, filtration equipment and condensate treatment.

Environmentally friendly

Oil free compressors are more compliant with international environmental regulations than lubricated systems, making for an environmentally conscious compressor choice.

Low maintenance

No oil and less moving parts means less maintenance and fewer areas for problems to occur.

ISO Certified Air Quality

All of our air compressors meet either ISO Class 1 or ISO Class 0 air purity.

Quiet by design

Due to the limited amount of moving parts, they produce less noise pollution and less vibration.

Do you have or are you looking to purchase an oil free air compressor ?

Did you know that Ultima delivers Revolutionary Energy Efficiency ?

• Best-in-Class Performance – Higher FAD and lower specific power consumption than our main competitors. Up to 13% higher efficiency
• Full upgradability between 75 kW & 160 kW
• Optional Heat Recovery – Only air-cooled oil free air compressor on the market applicable for process heat recovery. Up to 80 k€ savings per year
• High Efficient Cooling System – Up to 12% more heat available for heat recovery
• Best-in-Class noise level – max. 70 dB(A)

ULTIMA – The smarter oil free alternative
Ultima oil free air compressor

A range of technologies

We offer a wide range of oil free solutions such as two-stage, water injected, scroll and piston models as well as our new series, Ultima™. Ultima™ is a groundbreaking PureAir compressor with revolutionary energy efficiency. Its unique design utilises both low pressure and high pressure dry screw airends. Each airend is individually driven by a variable speed, permanent magnet synchronous motor, offering exceptional levels of efficiency when compared with traditional technology.

The 2 stage oil-free compressor range meets the most stringent hygienic standards and offers outstanding reliability for demanding applications. We have implemented new, high efficiency two-stage screw compressors to further enhance the performance of the D-Series range. With the addition of 10 new models, these high output oilfree models now cover a wide flow range from 8.9 to 51.8 m3/min.

Watch this video to learn more about how our Oil free compressors work.

CompAir's DH range is a water injected rotary screw model that has been certified ISO 8573-1 Class Zero (2010) and is silicone free, put simply it contains no oil anywhere in the compressor.

Compressed air purity is crucial for many sectors such as medical research and pharmaceutical; that’s why we provide air solutions that meet the demands of these industries. The oil-free scroll compressors have been certified ISO 8573-1 Class 0 and silicone free. This certification represents the highest air quality level possible for a contaminant free and risk free operation.

We can also offer an oil-free two-stage reciprocating compressor, which uses state-of-the-art piston compression technology. Piston models, are known for their excellent energy efficiency. CompAir has consolidated and at the same time consistently developed this technology to maintain its cutting edge. High-quality, robust construction along with excellent efficiency means that payback times are short. With its long economic life cycle, the R-Series continues to supply affordable solutions with long-term results.

Applications and uses

Oil free technologies are popular in many industries where compressed air needs to meet stringent health and safety and air quality standards. Oil free designs are perfect for businesses who need to ensure no product spoilage occurs due to contaminated air output. Some industries and applications where dry compressors provide a wealth of benefits and are often used include:

Food and Beverage

When it comes to food safety, health and safety is extremely important. There are rigorous processes in place to ensure that the food we eat is safe, healthy and tasty! Contaminated air could cause product spoilage which is a health risk for the consumer and could cause irreparable damage to a company brand.

Oil free compressors can safely be used for product handling, transportation, food filling machines, air knives for cutting or peeling food products and for vacuum packaging goods as well as many other uses within this diverse sector.


Within the drugs and pharmaceutical industry, quality and safety are strictly adhered to. Any products that reach the market must be rigorously tested to ensure they are safe for consumption. With so many people relying on products from the pharmaceutical industry, clean air is critical for this industry.

Businesses within this sector rely on clean compressed air for a variety of uses including fermentation in antibiotic production, aeration for oxidation processes, tablet production and packaging and bottling of medications.


Toxic chemical and unstable gases will often be part of the process production within the chemical industry. In hazardous processes oil free compressors will help to eliminate the risk of explosions and process disruption. They will also increase product purity resulting in better processes, less waste and increased safety for those relying on the products.

Typical uses of compressed air within the chemical industry include process air, control valves and cylinders, material handling as well as air curtains and product drying.


A lot of work goes into producing fabrics with elegant designs and intricate details. Contaminated air could cause damage to materials resulting in costly repairs and maintenance or worse, product wastage.

Oil free compressors are used within the textile industry for intricate tasks such as air-jet weaving and spinning, texturising and pneumatic transport.

Oil and Gas

Process reliability is essential within the oil and gas industry where hazardous chemicals are often used. Popular uses within this sector include nitrogen generation, buffer air, control/ instrument air and process operations for sulphur removal, catalyst regeneration and process heaters, to name a few.


High quality vehicles rely on high quality compressed air. Impure air can result in damage to a product finish and may even require expensive repair work to fix. Whether compressed air is used for tyre inflation or more complex uses, such as air operated robots, pure air provides the best results.

Typical uses within this industry include product finishing with spray paint, pneumatic tools, plasma cutting and welding as well as cleaning.


For smooth running control systems, ultra-clean conditions need to be maintained. Furthermore, where expensive electronic equipment is concerned, there can be no room for error or risk. Compressed air is often used in electronics for actuating valves and tools within control systems as well as moving and placing electrical components. Additional common uses include cleaning PCB boards and in the production of electrical equipment.


To keep your oil free compressor running smoothly, we provide a dedicated aftermarket service to ensure your compressor continues to run effectively and energy efficiently. Should you run into any issues with your CompAir compressor, we have an extensive distributor network who are happy to help.