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The sale or installation of a system is just the start for us. We are there to support you during the entire life cycle of your compressed air equipment.

According to EC Regulation No. 842/2006, operators of refrigeration systems with a fill weight of 3 kg or more have for several years, been required to have an annual inspection carried out, in particular a leak test. This leak test must be carried out by qualified personnel and recorded.

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CD refrigerant air dryers

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Our Services

  • Leak test by trained refrigeration technician or authorised dealer
  • Confirmation that the test booked covers refrigeration systems
  • Seal of approval with indication of the next test date
  • Maintenance and checking of the refrigeration dryer including condensate check
  • Separator and external cleaning of the cooler
  • Pressure dew point measurement


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Your Benefits


Preservation of the value of your plant


Early detection of signs of damage before failure of the system


Reduced operating costs through optimal operation


Compliance with all legal testing periods according to EUVO 517/2014


Minimisation of environmental impact and C02 emissions