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The CompAir warranty program Assure™ 10 guarantees up to 44.000 operating hours and up to 6 years of total peace of mind, representing one of the most comprehensive warranty offerings. The warranty period covers 6 years / 44.000 hours on the compressor and 10 years on the specially developed airend. This warranty extension is free of charge for you.

Quality Needs Protection

Quality needs protection

New compressor installations

The AssureTM 10 warranties are available to the owners of oil injected rotary screw compressors, free of charge. A customer only has to allow a certified CompAir service partner to perform the services within the framework of the Assure 10 service schedule.

Assure 10 rewarrant

Assure 10 allows oil lubricated CompAir compressors that are not currently within warranty to be re-warranted. All the compressor owner has to do is agree to a healthcheck to be performed, carry out any remedial work necessary and sign a service agreement with the CompAir authorised service provider – it’s as simple as that.

AssureTM 10 terms & conditions

  • iConn must remain activated during the warranty period (>= 30 kW).
  • Always use CompAir original maintenance kits, lubricants and downstream.
  • The system must be registered within 90 days of commissioning.
  • The CompAir certified service partner must register all maintenance performed and maintenance kits used using the qr code process for maintenance registration.
  • For further information, please refer to the Assure 10 warranty conditions.


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