Oil Free Service Plans


Maximise your resources with a service plan. Reduce Total Cost of Ownership and benefit from optimal performance. Compressed air may be vital to your production process. Selecting the right service level will keep your production running efficiently while keeping operational costs under control. By tailoring service to your needs and priorities, we help you make the most of your investment and manage your resources effectively. Whatever the service level you choose, our teams makes it easier for you to time service correctly and source the right parts quickly and hassle-free.

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PureCare Standard


Preventive Maintenance for optimal compressor uptime

PureCARE Standard relies on trained Gardner Denver technicians and the unrivaled quality of our genuine parts.

Do I get any benefits in between service visits?
The Preventive Maintenance Plan holds several benefits from the moment you sign up. Six years or 44,000 operating hours warranty, you get access to an easy ordering process, our emergency iConn support system with priority support, and all resources are booked well in advance, letting you focus on your core business.

How does preventive maintenance make my life easier?
You’ll avoid the need to closely follow up on your compressor’s service requirements and order each service intervention separately. The procurement process steps take time, possibly leading to delayed service and a potential increase of your overall costs.

Terms and conditions apply. Specific customer requirements or change in operating conditions will affect the initial agreed cost of the contract.

PureCare Plus


Preventive Maintenance and no quibble warranty

PureCARE Plus will cover all repairs and service requirements for the first 6 years of the compressor operational life.

Do I get any benefits compared to PureCARE Standard?
Like many other warranties, there are certain exclusions build in. PureCARE Plus will take care of any unexpected surprises or unexpected bills. For a maximum period of 6 years from commissioning of your compressor, CompAir will look after the preventive maintenance as well as any repair required.

PureCare Platinum


Complete Compressor Care

We take care of all your compressor maintenance, upgrades, repairs and even breakdowns for an all-inclusive price.

How does a Total Responsibility Plan ensure maximum uptime?
A PureCARE Platinum Plan has it all: experienced service engineers fitting genuine Gardner Denver parts at the right time, ensuring sustained reliability in between service visits. Proactive repairs prevent problems from escalating and priority emergency support ensures a guaranteed response time.

How does preventive maintenance reduce my risk?
Even if routine maintenance is taken care of professionally, there may be the need for a repair, or even a full overhaul. This leads to extra administration as well as unexpected extra costs. Within a PureCARE Platinum Plan, repairs and overhauls are included. As your compressor is maintained for optimal performance, unrivalled levels of energy efficiency are achieved and sustained for the duration of your plan.

What would maximum uptime cost me if I arrange it myself?
You need at least all parts in stock and one highly trained technician available 24/7. Yet this will not eliminate sudden cost spikes. Not having your compressor serviced by an authorised technician, will invalidate the 6 year PureCARE warranty. The PureCARE Platinum Plan will, because it covers everything for a single rate.