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Increased Machine Lifespan

To mitigate the risk of breakdown or an overall decrease in your production performance, OEM parts are crucial. They are professional quality parts designed specifically for your compressor, meaning they do not disrupt operation and guarantee performance like new. Third-party supplies may look the same, but they can compromise the integrity of your system, leading to shorter machine lifespan and more regular service intervals.


Improved Safety and Security for Personnel

Genuine parts show corporate responsibility. The use of genuine supplies ensures compliance with safety standards and contributes to occupational safety and environmental protection. Staff and personnel could be put at risk as faulty, unsuitable parts may even pose a fire hazard.


Enhanced Efficiency

Using non-genuine parts is a false economy. Although the initial price point is lower, you are not really saving money in the long term. The cost of repairs, downtime, production interruption, and loss of efficiency due to substandard products can far outweigh the investment in genuine parts. Using genuine spares delivers an optimal price/performance ratio.


Tested for Reliable Operation

Reliability is extremely important in many industries and applications. Strict time restraints mean that production must meet targets and deadlines. CompAir spares have been tested and will have passed rigorous inspections and endurance tests. This ensures they are in perfect working order, offering guaranteed performance and complete peace of mind.


Remain in Warranty

Counterfeit parts can void your warranty, meaning that your investment is neither insured nor protected. In the event of a breakdown, this could be hugely costly to your business. Trust genuine parts to keep your equipment under warranty and offer complete assurance that your business is in good hands.

Genuine replacements represent the best of engineering and professional quality. They are specifically developed to suit the operating parameters of the equipment they are designed for. Essential in upholding the standard of your compressed air network, genuine parts ensure smooth operation at optimal efficiency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Replacement parts are important to keep your system running, and knowing when to change them is half of the problem too! The right replacements are needed at the right time to ensure maximum efficiency and the least amount of disruption to your production. Each part in an installation is subject to general wear and tear and will have a specific service lifetime.

Performing routine maintenance at the correct intervals will improve performance and minimise downtime, and who better to know when to change parts than the manufacturer! Our service teams can offer a variety of solutions to help you control your costs, improve efficiency, and protect your investment.

Top 5 reasons to buy OEM compressor spares

Air Compressor Parts

Spare parts designed by professionals, for professionals

energy costs chart by using non genuine parts


You can see from the above graph the impact of using non genuine spare parts - your installation runs less efficiently, so for all your industrial product needs, let CompAir support you. We stock quality replacements and accessories for every model under our brand, including but not limited to; couplings, fittings, motors, safety valves, gauges, pumps, hoses, fans, belts, service kits, etc.


Compressed air filters

CompAir filter elements are designed for optimum filtration with minimum pressure losses and enable economical operation of the compressed air station. Replacement filters have been engineered specifically to protect your installation from damage caused by dust, dirt, particulates, and other contaminants. Our CompAir range of air compressor filters can withstand high operating pressures whilst offering our customers durability and efficiency.

Preventative airend replacement

Production failure and deadline problems could be the result if a compressed air station suddenly stops running. Preventative replacement of the airend is critical. Using a genuine CompAir airend guarantees that your compressed air system will operate reliably and efficiently. You will receive a 24-month warranty for the replaced airend.

OEM air compressor oil and lubricants

CompAir lubricants have been specially developed for the best possible lubrication and cooling of compressors. They guarantee problem-free condensate treatment and ensure the service life of all moving parts.


compair genuine parts graphic
Genuine CompAir compressor spare parts

Be on the safe side with CompAir

For performance that doesn’t falter and reliability that you can trust, only buy genuine CompAir air compressor parts and spares.

Genuine parts are those that have been designed, manufactured, and engineered specifically for your compressor brand and model. They are the only parts that will keep your system integrity intact and ensure your compressor performs as if it were new after each service intervention.

To maintain operational capability at the high standard you expect from CompAir air equipment, genuine OEM consumables are the smart choice.