Testing of Pressure Equipment

Whether pressure vessels or pipelines: Pressure equipment involves risks for people and the environment and is therefore subject to strict regulations. Pressure vessel tests are mandatory and ensure efficiency and safety in the workplace. As a plant operator, you are responsible for compliance with all regulations for your jurisdiction.

pressure equipment check image

Pressure Equipment Testing

Commissioning and Operation Checking


Pressure equipment must be checked before commissioning and regularly during the operating phase. The provisions apply not only to the individual components of the pressure system installation but also to the installation as a whole. You are legally obliged to comply with all audit deadlines that apply to your country.

We Can Offer You:


Comprehensive, reliable and flexible execution by a competent person


Organisation and execution of all prescribed tests


Conformity with the correct operational safety regulations to offer a safer working environment

System Monitoring

Pressure system monitoring example

This diagram below shows the basic components of a compressed air installation which would require pressure testing and checking. The compressor, filters, (air dryers not shown) and compressed air tanks or air receivers store the compressed air.

compressor inspection work covered chart