Cut compressed air costs with airINSITE from CompAir

CompAir has introduced airINSITE, a compressed air auditing system designed to help users lower energy costs - by identifying any inefficiencies and assisting with performance optimisation, leak reduction and practical air management processes.

Environmental pressures both commercial and legislative are driving industry to demand optimum energy efficiency. Since 2005, average European electricity costs have risen by more than 60%*, so a comprehensive air audit from CompAir, using the new airINSITE data logger, provides detailed system information to help lower energy consumption.

airINSITE uses technically advanced hardware to solve many of the challenges associated with traditional compressed air auditing, providing analysis of system performance to accurately highlight where any savings can be made.

Accurate analysis and solutions

Designed for use on any fixed and (or) regulated speed compressors, regardless of manufacturer, airINSITE uses data loggers incorporating high quality sensors to collect and store real-time information relating to system pressure, temperature, pressure dewpoint and flow rate.

In addition, airINSITE’s current and voltage loggers enable system power to be accurately measured and calculated. Using Bluetooth technology, this information can be transferred from the data loggers to a single, intelligent airINSITE base station. This entire process can be completed with minimal disruption to production.

Taking readings every second, typically over the course of a week, the information gathered can then be uploaded securely to the cloud. From this, the airINSITE software facilitates advanced charting, simulation and reporting of audit data, creating a complete air system profile.

These results can then be compared with different combinations of compressors and control systems, highlighting potential energy savings that could be achieved and calculating the payback on any investment required.

The software’s simulation wizard comes standard with pre-loaded data from the whole CompAir range of compressors, whilst other brands can be easily added.

Standard and advanced audit reports can also be created online via the system’s publication wizard, which can then be downloaded as PDF files.

As the system is cloud based, users have access to the system on any device as long as there is an internet connection. No software updates are required, so the preloaded compressor data tables are always up-to-date.

* Source: Industrial energy prices, Department of Energy & Climate Change website (