Engineering Excellence

Compressors are more than just a financial investment, they are a key component in ensuring that manufacturers, processors and operators receive consistent, high quality, low cost air. The screw compression element is the heart of the compressor and therefore CompAir keeps the design and manufacture in-house, using the latest CNC rotor grinding machinery, coupled with online laser technology. The resulting reliability and performance ensures that operating costs will remain low throughout the compressor‘s life.


Premium efficiency airend

The new highly efficient airend delivers the highest quality compressed air at a low rotational speed, to help minimise the unit’s energy consumption and achieve excellent performance. The semi integrated airend design with integrated oil filter and oil regulation valve means fewer external components and pipework, taking less physical space, eliminating the risk of leakage and easing the maintenance. The innovative design of the fail safe shaft seal, ensures highest levels of quality and reliability are achieved minimising the down time of the compressor.

Outstanding Design


An airend with outstanding design

FSS shaft seal, integrated oil filter and oil thermostatic valve minimise the number of external supply lines. The shaft seal is protected by a fail-safe system and thus achieves highest quality and reliability




The dust protection lip protects the secondary and main sealing lip.  feature to benefit arrow Reduces the risk of seal damage and prolongs service life

Fail-safe system (FSS):
If sealing lips fail, the oil drain system ensures safety
feature to benefit arrow Prevents oil splashes and saves cleaning costs


AssureTM 10


Our top quality airends are covered by the new 10 year warranty and up to 44,000 hours of operational use.

Preventative Replacement

Preventative Replacement of the Airend

Production failure and deadline problems could be the result if a compressed air station suddenly stops running. Preventative replacement of the air end is critical. Using a genuine CompAir air end guarantees that your compressed air system will operate reliably and efficiently. Additionally, you will receive a credit note on the air end invoice price by returning the old air end.


Proactive maintenance with iConn Remote Monitoring

Maximum operating uptime
Discover system issues before they happen: less production downtime

High efficiency
Lower energy costs - save money in the long term

Minimal risk of failure
Lower maintenance costs, by nipping potential problems in the bud

Reliable performance
Increase the life of critical components in the system

Delivery on time of essential components
Be more competitive by changing to a predictive maintenance model