CompAir announces new in-house air treatment ranges

CompAir, the leading compressed air brand, has launched a new air treatment portfolio designed and manufactured entirely in-house to meet the same quality, performance, and efficiency standards as its world-class compressors.


2 - 7.5kW screw air compressors

Covering a range of downstream equipment, including refrigerant dryers, sub-zero dryers, desiccant dryers, and filters, all solutions have been engineered by CompAir’s dedicated air treatment team, helping to optimise the productivity and reliability of compressed air systems for a variety of industrial and manufacturing applications.

Watch the video to see our Fogliano plant, Italy where our air dryer products are manufactured:

Efficient compressed air purification is a vital element of any system; contamination from dirt, oil and water can potentially lead to a range of issues, including pipework corrosion, damage to a system’s internal parts, spoiled products, and unplanned maintenance. All of this results in unexpected downtime, not to mention the associated costs that come with this, as well as further spend on repairs and maintenance.

Fulfilling a vital role in a compressed air system, a refrigerant dryer cools the compressed air to allow water vapour to condense and then be separated. Clean and dry compressed air helps make sure a system is never compromised. To meet this need, CompAir has launched its new CD refrigerant dryer and sub-zero CMT dryer ranges, both designed in-house to improve productivity, reduce operational costs, and increase system protection.

Offering capacity of up to 7m3/min, CompAir’s revolutionary CMT dryers are the only regenerative refrigerant dryers available in the compressed air market today. The range combines the sub-zero pressure dew point (PDP) of a typical regenerative desiccant dryer, with the low operating and energy costs of a refrigerant dryer, to provide low total cost of ownership. CompAir CMT dryers are the first dryer technology that provides a -20°C (-4°F) pressure dew point at 70 per cent lower energy costs.

Optimised for Class 3 air quality, these dryers have no costly consumables that require periodic replacement, such as drum wheels or desiccant beads. Also, no external heaters or blowers are required for regeneration – normally required for inlet temperatures below 20°C – reducing the need for high-maintenance equipment. Each dryer is also fitted with a control panel that allows operators to monitor dew point, high/low temperature, and the high ambient temperature.

CompAir’s new CD series of refrigerant dryers have been developed to meet a range of applications. This includes lighter load systems, such as air-powered tools in automotive workshops or light processing lines in manufacturing plants, to higher capacity ones, such as those found in large-scale industrial or petrochemical sites. Offering air flow rates of up to 383 m3/min, the range has been designed to always ensure consistent dew points, no matter the load level. Patented heat exchanger technology also means the new series can deliver the highest levels of performance with the lowest possible pressure drop.

Meanwhile, CompAir’s new CF range of air filters and X range of water separators help protect an organisation’s compressed air processes. The CF cast aluminium range of compressed air filters deliver flow rates of up to 45 m3/min, depending on requirements. There is also a range of CF flanged filters available for applications with higher flows, providing flow rates of up to 516 m3/min. While the new X range of water separators can help ensure a coalescing filter is always operating as efficiently as possible, by removing most bulk liquid contamination from the compressed air. Available in flow rates of up to 200 m3/min, the X range has been optimised to reduce differential pressure, while requiring minimal maintenance.

In addition, CompAir has also introduced new ranges of small modular and twin tower heatless adsorption dryers and oil water separators.

Alberto Crippa, Air Treatment Portfolio Director, said: “The new solutions are designed and manufactured at CompAir’s centres for excellence, based in Fogliano, Italy, and Logatec, Slovenia. This means CompAir’s customers can be confident that the new air treatment ranges meet the highest quality standards, as defined by ISO 8573-1:2010, the international standards governing compressed air quality. Furthermore, CompAir’s dedicated air treatment facilities ensure better technical support and improved production lead times for customers.”

Keith Atkinson, Sales Director for Air Treatment & Gas Generation at CompAir, adds: “A compressed air system can be a significant investment. Therefore, compromises should not be made on downstream equipment, as these products are a key means of ensuring the quality and efficiency of the whole system. Designed and manufactured at our dedicated air treatment sites, operators can be confident that these new air treatment solutions are quality controlled to the highest standards, while optimising logistics, meaning customers also benefit from faster product lead times.” 


At the Logatec plant, Slovenia our filtration and condensate management products are manufactured: