Portable Air Compressors for Every Application

CompAir’s range of lightweight, towable, and heavy-duty portable air compressors meet the requirements of numerous mobile compressed air applications

Our Portable Compressor Range

Businesses from a wide variety of industries rely on CompAir C Series compressors when there is a demand for compressed air on the go. Our range of technologies offer a pressure range, from 7 to 24 bar (101 to 350 psi) and are designed to perform in the most demanding conditions. From high precision construction projects to refurbishment, drilling, and other challenging applications, we have the solution.


There is a variety of different types of portable compressor. It is important that you choose the correct compressor with the right power, capacity and pressure for your application.

To help, CompAir has compiled a comprehensive list of portable compressor types to help you understand their uses and benefits, please click here to read more.

Product Range

Why Portable ?

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Why choose the C series?

The C series of portable air compressors are engineered to the highest standard to meet the demanding conditions of the market. CompAir has a reputation in the compressed air industry for providing high-quality products that are trustworthy and durable - the C series is no different.

The technology behind the C-Series is constantly evolving and our engineers work hard to ensure our product offering guarantees high energy efficiency and low emissions for every mobile application.

We also design each compressor with the user in mind, ensuring they are easy to operate and control - making daily operations that much easier. Well-located control panels and simple lift-off canopies or large access doors are fitted to make maintenance hassle-free. All models feature intuitive designs like this with easy access for routine maintenance as standard across the range.

We believe that our broad range of over 30 portable, towable, and heavy-duty mobile air products is designed to suit any application.


Why are portable air compressors needed?

Compression is needed in many hard to access sites and locations for tasks such as road building, powering pneumatic machinery and air tools, quarrying, and restoration work. This means that compressors must be capable of reaching remote locations that can have uneven terrain and pose challenging conditions.

Mobile air compressors must be sturdy, stable, and most importantly reliable. A failing compressor could result in a real financial loss for businesses. If a contractor has had to travel a considerable distance to reach a location, a compressor that doesn’t perform could be extremely costly to the business. This could result in a day’s wasted work and have serious effects on the productivity of the project and the time restraints of the job.

That’s why CompAir C series compressors have been designed to offer efficiency and reliability for every application, be it small or large.

Model Selection

Selecting a Portable Compressor

The intended application use will play a huge role in your choice of compressor. You need to ensure that the model you choose has enough power to provide the performance you require. This is especially important for portable compressors as you will be relying on the unit to provide vital power in an off-site location.

Weight and size are some of the most vital elements to consider when selecting a mobile compressor. If you plan on loading the compressor into a van, the model you choose will need to be light and compact enough to fit into delivery vehicles. Alternatively, if you will be towing the compressor you will need to ensure your towing vehicle can handle the weight. If your towing vehicle is small, then a lightweight option will be the best choice.

Another key factor is manoeuvrability. If the compressor will be subject to tough site conditions including rough terrain then it will need to be durable. Uneven and undulating ground can pose a challenge to mobile compressors. Ensure the model you choose is sturdy and offers good balance when traversing rough roads.

Emission Standards


Meeting Emission Standards

All mobile air compressors must meet European emission standards that are outlined in directive 97/68/EC. This standard provides guidelines for the amount of particulate pollution that can occur from combustion engines in mobile machinery. This guidance ensures the protection of the environment and the safety of staff on busy work and construction sites.

Every model in CompAir’s C-Series of compressors fulfils the emission standards in accordance with directive 97/68/EC. Our diesel compressors are fitted with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) to help control emissions.

These filters remove any contaminants from the air by moving the gases through a filter that traps any polluting particles. The filter collects damaging particles and stops them from being released into the atmosphere. It is worth noting that it is important to clean your filter regularly to ensure it doesn’t become blocked and stop performing.

If you need to bring an existing CompAir compressor in line with current emissions regulations, we can retrofit diesel particulate filters to several of our old models. This ensures you’re in line with modern legislation and protecting the environment too!

Why choose diesel portable compressors?

CompAir diesel powered compressors are a great, versatile option for mobile compressed air applications when compared with electric powered alternatives. Whilst many may be tempted by the cheaper upfront costs offered by electric compressors, they are not as reliable an option as diesel. Electric compressors require access to a power supply to be able to perform, something that isn’t always possible in remote locations.

Diesel powered compressors offer users this reassurance and, when equipped with a DPF like the C series, are an environmentally friendly option too. Plus, most models can be fitted with various options and accessories (as discussed below) such as a generator to supply electricity for power tools, lighting, and any other on-site power needs.

Options and accessories for tailored solutions

We offer a wide range of options and accessories that allow our customers to tailor their portable compressors to their exact requirements. This means that the C series can be configured to suit almost any application needs. Options include adjustable tow bars, air treatment components, integrated generators, toolboxes, air hose reels, aftercoolers, road lights, and many other choices to optimise your model.