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Assure™ extended warranty our total commitment to quality.

Free of charge. Free of worry. For Lubricated Screw and Oil Free Screw Compressors

CompAir and its extensive distributor network offer a wide range of warranty options to suit your exact requirements.

Assure™ provides an extended warranty cover on your compressor for up to 44,000 operating hours or 6 years (which ever is the soonest), 10 years/44,000 hours on the air end (whichever is the soonest), totally free of charge with CompAir’s authorised service providers delivering a guaranteed quality service. 1

We believe that the Assure™ warranty will become a way of life, “working only when you do” to provide maximum uptime AND peace of mind.

Furthermore, the use of genuine CompAir parts and lubricants will maximise your compressor’s life and efficiency, which combined with Assure™, will enable accurate maintenance budgeting and cost of ownership.

Assure 10 years warranty shield

CompAir recommends that you enter into a service agreement such as Aircover with the authorised service provider to ensure all conditionality is complied with.

In order to maintain the Assure™ warranty you must make sure that only genuine CompAir parts and lubricants provided by a CompAir authorised service provider are used in service and repair on this compressor, and that the full service schedule is carried out.

Assure™ - a completely FREE, simple and flexible extended warranty scheme from CompAir - once again, taking the industry standard and making it better.

1 Terms and conditions apply. Contact your nearest authorised service provider for full details

Extended warranties Portables compressors, Piston compressors and Auxiliary equipment

CompAir can offer on selected models an extended warranty for its portable compressor range, Piston compressor range and auxiliary downstream equipment. Please contact your nearest authorised service provider how CompAir can help you protect your investment and provide you maximum uptime and peace of mind.

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