Parts and Lubricants for Mobile Compressors

Genuine CompAir Parts

Genuine Lubricantsfor Portable Compressors

Portable compressor efficiency and reliability is constantly under threat from the harsh conditions often found in many portable applications. Selecting our CompAir Genuine lubricants to safeguard your investment is therefore a logical choice.

CompAir Genuine lubricants have been developed in cooperation with our Airend design team as well as engine OEM’s to deliver outstanding performance, click on downloads to read more.


The importance of using genuine CompAir spare parts

It cannot be underestimated how critical it is to use genuine CompAir spare parts in all of your compressed air equipment. This video demonstrates the perils of using cheaper & copied alternatives which can not only negatively affect the air output performance, but in some cases even damage important components of the compressor. Please contact us directly to ask about getting genuine replacement parts and service kits for your portable compressor.



 Using Genuine Parts and Lubricants is not a Luxury

Enjoy complete peace of mind. Genuine CompAir parts and lubricants ensure best performance and reliability is maintained throughout the lifetime of the compressor.

  • Minimum air losses contributing to energy savings
  • Long service life, even under harsh conditions
  • High reliability
  • Avoid possible damage which can be caused by non genuine spare parts

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