Invest in your future with a trusted partner

Compressed air is critical to your operation. A proper maintenance strategy is crucial to avoiding unplanned, unbudgeted downtime and production interruptions. By choosing a CompAir Assure Service Agreement, you are investing in your future with a trusted partner.

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Assure Service Agreements

Assure Service Agreements


Assure Service Agreements

CompAir genuine parts ensure the safe and economical operation of your system. Compliance with the maintenance intervals is essential for energy consumption. In the event of a pressure loss due to improper filters, the high energy requirement exceeds the cost of maintenance. Do not endanger the safety of your production, the performance of lookalike identical components can differ considerably, to the genuine article.


CompAir genuine compressor spare parts

Example of a typical service schedule for a lubricated screw air compressor


iConn Remote Monitoring

The right information at the right time: Predictive maintenance with iConn

Early warning system for malfunctions
With iConn, CompAir has installed a cloud-based open “Analytics” service that can be shared across your compressor managed supply chain. The performance data from your compressor installation can be viewed from a remote computer, tablet or smartphone. iConn is part of the standard equipment of new compressors, but can also be “retrofitted” into any brand of compressor.


iConn, the cloud-based platform that provides a remote view of the compressor station

Customising iConn according to your needs

iConn is the entry-level solution that provides a detailed and regular overview of the operating hours, reporting irregularities and maintenance information to the user automatically in real time. With iConn Universal mode it can be retrofitted into any brand of compressor and it is also possible to monitor third-party products.

iConn HD
With additional functions added, the system becomes iConn HD and enables predictive maintenance planning with an “early warning system“ for machine malfunctions. This enables the user to implement predictive maintenance in line with requirements, which corresponds to the objective: maintenance precisely when the probability of a failure increases. Web-based remote monitoring with dashboard control is also available.


This service includes predictive maintenance planning as well as maintenance and periodic energy analysis to give compressed air users total peace of mind. iConn HD can measure cost and efficiency by using data information to optimize each application. With complete trend analysis and customized reports and information. The service can be configured to give you the right information at the right time. iConn HD is optionally available with "Flow" and "Energy" sensors.

HD "Flow"
HD "Flow" uses sensors to monitor the temperature, pressure and flow rate of up to 5 compressors, including other brands.

HD "Energy"
Plug-and-play sensors immediately provide additional information on energy consumption online, are supplied via the main iConn service and enable machine comparisons and consumption models across systems and locations.

Proactive maintenance has a direct impact on operating costs

Advantages of proactive maintenance with iConn


Timely maintenance
Increase in operating safety


Optimisation of parts management
Low maintenance costs


Shorter "planned stops"
Better machine performance


Avoidance of "unplanned stops"
Minimal risk of failure


Optimum planning of maintenance intervals
Avoidance of superfluous servicing and field service deployments