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CompAir offers a full range of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly compressed air dryers including refrigerant, modular desiccant, and heatless desiccant as well as HOC (heat of compression), and Sub Zero dryers. All of our technologies are engineered for maximum reliability, long life cycles, and easy service access, so whichever technology you choose, you can be sure your investment offers undeniable performance. Watch the video to see our Fogliano plant, in Italy where our air dryer products are manufactured:

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What are compressed air dryers for?

Air is a colourless, odourless, tasteless mixture of many gases, primarily nitrogen and oxygen. It is naturally contaminated with solid particles, such as dust, sand, soot and salt crystals. This contamination varies with differing environments and altitudes.

Water vapour is another natural ingredient that can be found in variable amounts in the air. The amount of water vapour and contamination of the air plays a vital role in the compression process and in the quality of the air delivered by the compressor.

The damaging and corrosive properties of water are well known. Untreated air at atmospheric pressure contains large amounts of water and other contaminants such as oil droplets and dirt particles.

When the air is compressed the concentration of moisture and other contaminants increases. If allowed to remain in the system, this corrosive mixture has a detrimental effect on pneumatic equipment, causing unnecessary production downtime, product spoilage and reduced equipment life. 

Compressed air dryers are used to remove moisture from the compression process, protecting equipment and products from harm and ensuring clean, dry air quality.

Why use a compressed air dryer?

Safe operation

Untreated air can cause corrosion and damage to your pipework and the internal structure of your air compressor. This can eventually lead to a system breakdown, costing you time and money. Compressed air dryer will help to keep your system running damage-free and your operation safe and reliable with long term results.

High-quality end-product

Whatever your application, you need to be sure that your end-product is of high quality. Air that contains water vapour can cause product spoilage which can be very costly to businesses. Compressed air dryer ensures that air is pure and dry before it reaches the point of use.

Peace of mind

Modern production systems and processes demand high quality compressed air, which is defined in the 6 classes outlined in international standard ISO 8573-1:2010 as shown the diagram below. These are only achievable with filtration, water separation and drying. You can read more about using the different ISO quality standards to plan your compressed air system, in the white paper below the product selection. A thorough understanding of compressed air quality and testing standards is indispensable when designing your system to achieve the purity levels your application requires. The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) sets three such standards, ISO 8573 1, ISO 12500, and ISO 7183. Which standards you should apply will depend on the specific contaminants you aim to remove and the purification equipment you will rely on to do so.

Trust powerful compressed air dryers to offer complete reassurance and total peace of mind for your business.

Compressed air quality classes according to ISO 8573 1:2010

Compressed air quality classes ISO 8573 1:2010

Please read more in the white paper below


White Paper | Using ISO quality standards to plan your compressed air system

A Guide to Benchmarking Performance with ISO8573 1, ISO 12500, and ISO 7183