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  • What are the global trends driving the growth of the EV and battery market?
  • What does the supply chain look like?
  • Why is sustainable, high-quality compressed air so important for EV and battery manufacturing?
  • Take a look at CompAir's high-performance compressed air solutions for the electric vehicle and battery manufacturing industry

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The Global, Growing Electric Vehicle and Battery Market:

The demand for sustainable automotive alternatives is continuously growing, as the vehicle and transportation sectors have been discovered to be some of the largest global emitters of greenhouse gases. This has driven the electric revolution, with electric cars and batteries leading in the race towards a more sustainable future. The world's most prolific carmakers are already involved, with industry giants currently in pole position. This forward-facing, sustainable movement is only expected to grow, meaning it's essential for electric vehicle and EV battery manufacturers to stay ahead of the competition. This is where compressed air comes in!

The Global Supply Chain of EV Battery Manufacturing

Before we get to the importance of compressed air in the EV and battery manufacturing industry, let's first take a look at the global supply chain. The basic components of the electric vehicle battery manufacturing cycle include:

Upstream: This stage refers to the mining processes that take place to obtain new raw materials, such as lithium and nickel, that are used in creating the batteries.

Midstream: The raw materials collected are then refined and processed, which purifies them. This is called the 'Midstream' stage and enables the creation of anode and cathode battery materials. These materials are then sold on to firms that produce the battery cells.

Downstream: Next is the 'Downstream' stage of the EV battery manufacturing cycle. This refers to the battery manufacturers, who take these materials and turn them into the final product. They are then able to be put into the electric vehicles.

End of life: This is when the EV batteries no longer work or serve their purpose. 

Reuse of Recycle: When the batteries reach their 'End of life', they can be reused or recycled; two sustainable methods to reduce waste and unsafe disposal.


Compressed Air in EV and Battery Manufacturing

So, where does compressed air come into this manufacturing cycle, and how is it also used to build the electric vehicles themselves? Regarding EV battery manufacturing, compressed air is essential for electrode production, battery cell assembly, and cell finishing. These processes rely on high-quality, oil-free compressed air and nitrogen to prevent the presence of moisture or contaminants which may ruin the finished batteries.

When it comes to manufacturing the electric vehicles themselves, compressed air is integral to a variety of processes and applications. This includes the powering of air-operated tools, blow-off applications, stamping, welding, painting, assembly, conveying products, and the servicing and repair of EVs. Like with battery manufacturing, high-quality, clean, dry compressed air is essential, particularly to prevent moisture from rusting equipment and contaminants from ruining the paintwork!

The Importance of Sustainable, High-quality Compressed Air for EV and Battery Manufacturing

Environmental concerns and increasingly strict emission regulations have driven the EV revolution and will continue to do so. But, whilst creating more sustainable methods of transport is incredibly important, so is ensuring the compressed air that your processes require is promoting a greener future. A poorly designed compressed air system will lead to huge energy costs and indirect CO2 emissions. Therefore, the ultimate goal is to ensure that your compressed air system can operate energy efficiently and sustainably whilst also producing high-quality, pollutant and contamination-free air. This will ensure that all areas of your EV and battery plant are promoting a more sustainable future, not only through the end product but also throughout the entire manufacturing process!

For more information on why high-quality, sustainable air is important or how you can achieve it, please take a look at out Whitepaper!




CompAir's High-Performance Solutions for the EV and Battery Manufacturing Industry

Due to the variety of compressed air uses within this industry, it's vital to have a reliable, high-performance solutions in place to guarantee, optimum efficiency and to keep you ahead of competition. That's where we come in!

At CompAir, we offer a variety of oil-lubricated and oil-free air compressors, as well as air treatment systems including nitrogen generators, all ideal for use in the EV and battery manufacturing industry. The main areas we offer solutions for are:

Manufacturers of EVs

Ancillary Manufacturers