Portable Air Compressors for Every Application

CompAir’s range of lightweight, towable, and heavy-duty portable air compressors meet the requirements of numerous mobile compressed air applications

Our Portable Compressor Range

Businesses from a wide variety of industries rely on CompAir C Series compressors when there is a demand for compressed air on the go. Our range of technologies offer a pressure range, from 7 to 24 bar (101 to 350 psi) and are designed to perform in the most demanding conditions. From high precision construction projects to refurbishment, drilling, and other challenging applications, we have the solution.


There is a variety of different types of portable compressor. It is important that you choose the correct compressor with the right power, capacity and pressure for your application.

To help, CompAir has compiled a comprehensive list of portable compressor types to help you understand their uses and benefits, please click here to read more.

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