Air Compressor Filter Usage and Maintenance

Compressed air filtration plays a hugely important role in any compressor installation. Having a high-quality air compressor filter will protect your system from particulates, dirt, dust, solid particles, and oil. Harmful contaminants like these can cause damage to your equipment and downstream machinery, wearing down parts and causing blockages.

Without a filter, contamination can even affect your manufactured product, causing loss of production and inevitably landing you with a hefty bill. Therefore, it is essential that high performing filters are used. Poor quality filters may offer a reduced performance, leading to large pressure drops and increasing your energy bill.

To protect your investment and end product, and to guarantee clean, contaminant-free compressed air, we recommend the CompAir filtration range.



Filter Elements

What are the benefits of regularly changing filter elements?


To ensure a continuous supply of high-quality compressed air is always available (and to help keep energy costs low) filter elements must be replaced periodically as, unfortunately, filter elements do not last forever.

The filter element should be exchanged at least every 12 months. Applications with higher annual operating hours or a very high requirement of purification require shorter exchange intervals.


Why do air filters need to be replaced?

  • During operation, compressed air filters function under extremely arduous conditions:
  • Pressure variations
  • Pulsing air demand
  • Temperature variations - day/night & summer/winter
  • High/low humidity - from 100% saturated air to extremely low dewpoints
  • Chemical attack - from oily acidic condensate and lubricant additives

Over time, these extreme and changing conditions can lead to a loss of effectiveness and reduced operational performance, even leading to product spoilage. To continue to perform in even the most challenging conditions, a reliable and durable filter is paramount.

One of the main reasons customers choose not to change filter elements is the cost of replacement parts and maintenance. However, the cost of insufficient filtration is often a multiple of the cost of a filter element!

Not changing the filter can seriously damage your compressed air system as well as your air accessories and downstream products. This results in reduced performance, higher costs, and risk of breakdown.

Not changing the filter element can cause:

  • Corrosion of equipment after the filter
  • Contamination of the network results in damaged products and end-use contamination
  • Reduced availability / damaging of production machinery causing downtime
  • Increased long-term costs

For maximum performance, cost-effectiveness, and energy efficiency, air compressor filters need to be replaced as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Proper use results in great energy savings for business owners.

Through usage, more and more particles will attach to the filter medium, reducing the surface for air to flow through the filter. The pressure drop increases, meaning that the overall system costs more to run. For optimised energy saving and high efficiency, it's important to exchange the filter after the recommended period of time.

Watch this video to learn more about how important it is that the air filter is replaced with a genuine CompAir filter, to prevent damage to your compressor installation:


Differential pressure gauge on a compressed air filter

Energy Savings

What are the benefits of regularly changing filter elements?

High-quality compressed air - regular replacements offer optimised filtration performance, offering high quality, clean air suitable for a range of hygienic industries and compressed air applications.

Protection of adsorption dryer beds - using a clean filter allows adsorption beds in desiccant systems to operate more efficiently. Reduced oil and particulate in the airflow allows the beds to offer improved performance.

Reduced operational costs - in the long term, replacing filters will save you money and offer lower operational costs. This is because ineffective filtration causes your compressor system to work harder to provide the airflow required, resulting in increased wear and high energy usage. Over time, this could even lead to system problems which result in costly repairs, increased downtime and production loss.

Increased productivity and profitability - all businesses aim to perform at optimal levels of efficiency as this allows them to increase their profit margins. Air compressor filters are essential in lowering energy costs and driving profitability.

Protection of downstream equipment, personnel, and processes - safety is paramount for business owners and the health and safety of personnel is essential for efficient working and employee satisfaction. Filters ensure safe air quality for staff, reduce the risk of overheating, and help mitigate system malfunctions.

Continued peace of mind - system breakdown is a worry for any industry. Proper care and maintenance can help to greatly reduce this risk. Properly maintained air filters will ensure the continuous operation of your production, ensuring smooth conditions and a more relaxed environment.

When changing filters, why choose genuinely?

Filter quality is important. To maintain the quality of your compressed air it is important that you choose a quality product. Genuine air compressor parts ensure you get the highest quality and performance for your money. They provide guaranteed results that only genuine products can offer, ensuring your warranty remains valid and health and safety requirements are met.

Our service

We only use quality filters for air compressors. When maintaining your compressor, we can replace your filter elements with new ones. During our servicing process, we ensure to place a sticker on the filter so that you know when it should be changed next time, making future services quick, easy, and hassle-free!



The cost of insufficient filtration is often a multiple of the cost of a filter element.


What are the benefits of regularly changing filter elements?
High quality compressed air  icon High quality compressed air – guaranteed Reduced operational costs Reduced operational costs
Protection of adsorption dryer beds Protection of adsorption dryer beds Increased productivity & profitability icon Increased productivity and profitability
Protection of downstream equipment, personnel and processes icon Protection of downstream equipment, personnel and processes Continued peace of mind icon Continued peace of mind